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  1. I keep hearing about these and a friend got them and loves them. He encouraged me to buy them but I just bought a rangefinder, so maybe next season unless...
  2. I'm a 17 and I love thin top lines. The fat, chunky super game improvement irons look unwieldy to me.
  3. Have never used a hitting net in my backyard but this is just what I need to be able to practice on a daily basis. I don't belong to a country club so getting to the driving range and having to pay for a bucket every time is less than ideal. This would be perfect as I love to pound golf balls all day long.
  4. Just got fit for the first time last fall and would love to see how I do with the Titleist irons and my new shafts.
  5. Awesome opportunity to test a launch monitor, especially with the new clubs I bought last fall after getting fitted for them.
  6. Love my Scotty but never been fitted for a putter and would love to see what else is out there. Just got fitted last fall for Woods and Irons but need to learn which putter is best for me.
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