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  1. I’ll add to the echo chamber of JPX line. Just switched to JPX 921 Forged this year after playing a game improvement set for a while, and love love love love them. Hot metal pro is great too, I hit them in my fitting!
  2. Since 2016 I’ve been rocking a Ping Anser 2 TR. I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.. everything I’ve gone and messed around with at stores just hasn’t ever felt right.. Only remaining thing left from when I first started playing more often in 2016.
  3. I love MTB-X, the last couple rounds I havent been playing well and losing a lot of golf balls, so I was just using random junkers and definitely noticed a difference. Nervous to lose too many of my remaining 2 dozen, as last time I checked the snell website they were having supply issues
  4. Ping anser 2, took off a tour snsr pistol and put on a pingman grip today
  5. And the deed is done! Might not be perfect but it looks good and square to me. Easy peasy. Level trick is definitely helpful. Thanks y’all for all your tips. Now we wait..
  6. Going lighter actually! I have a heavier grip on now, so I’m hoping I gain some feel with the lighter grip.
  7. Appreciate the input from ya’ll! I’ll definitely try the level on the face trick. I’ll be sure to post back with some picks of the results.
  8. Hey all, Im about to embark on my first time re-gripping a putter. I’ve done irons before without any issues, but never done a putter. Previous re-gripping involved tour velvet 360, so I didn’t have to worry about aligning any logos or anything like that. anyone have tips and tricks to make sure the alignment doesn’t end up a little off? That’s my biggest worry.
  9. 1. Been playing consistently for about 5-6 years now. 14 handicap 2. I love constantly trying to improve.. and equipment. Haha 3. Came to MGS because I research the crap out of everything I buy, and so I searched for reviews and found them that way. Currently don’t know any other spies. 4. I’m from San Antonio, originally from MN. Don’t have a home course currently, but live closest to The Golf Club or Texas. 5. Best thing is being able to play year round (not a thing in MN where I grew up). Worst thing is trying to play in 100+ degree weather for 3 or more months a year. 6. I’m an Athletic Trainer (IE-first ones on the field for a sports injury) for a living. 7. username is the first letter of my first name and the first 4 letters of my last name and my favorite number. Think of it like R-Herb-23.
  10. Oh! Also forgot the newest addition.. the bag itself. Just picked up a Hoofer CL, as I’m going to start walking courses a little more and plan on carrying for the time being!
  11. Oofta this was a big year (and a half or so)for changes for me. Irons went from a box set to jpx 921 Forged, Driver went from Nike vaporfly (blue crown) to Sim2 max w/ rogue silver 60x. Also, recently picked up some close out Cleveland RTX-4 wedges in 54 and 58 last summer. As well as a new 3 wood last summer- Cobra F9 hzrds black 70x. So far loving all the changes. Got fit for the first time for the irons and driver, and it makes such a huge difference!
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