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    I tried out the cut blue last year. Found them so cheap I had to try them. Like others have said, performance was pretty good, however, I also found durability was questionable at best. I discovered the Oncore Elixr ball this year, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!! Could not recommend it more highly. Have a playing partner that has switched to the Vero X1 ball, and he feels the same way. He has even bought a bunch of Oncore swag from their website. I doubt most will believe this, but if I get to a hole where I think it may disappear on me (you know what I mean), I might just switch to a Pro V1 I've found on the course, and put the Elixr back in my pocket. Good service, orders are quick. Really good value in my opinion. Give them a try.
  2. Hate to say it, but International team 17-13. Good luck to all, and thanks for another awesome contest opportunity!
  3. It is good that the analysis is there, however, it does not show the course overview like a 'regular' 18 hole round does, which would be better. I'm guessing many of you play in a 9 hole league like I do. Since I play all over the region on weekends, those league rounds are by far the most often played holes. It would be nice if the analysis was the full overview as well. As it is, you have to go hole by hole only, and is a bit tedious. I imagine I could email SS and ask them to combine the rounds as I've seen that mentioned previously, but one could imagine the software would do that automatically, or have it as an option. Perhaps down the road?????? On another note, chalk up another positive note about their support. My watch recently started missing many, many shots, and then stopped picking up the clubs at all. After a few emails and some minimal testing out at their request, they are sending me out a new watch band that I should have within a week.
  4. Good question. The X1 was the ball I was referring to there. The reason I went to the Zstar XV was to lower spin on the driver, an ongoing challenge for my swing often. My swing speed really doesn't warrant that high of compression ball necessarily, but the consistent performance, lower driver spin, and still plenty of spin for iron shots worked well. I found both Oncore balls also lowered driver spin. Distance was back and forth, but generally equal. I know the compressions are nearly the same, but the Elixr feels better to me, and although the compression number isn't that high on the X1, it feels much harder to me. With that and the $10 cheaper price tag, I went with the Elixr. For what it's worth, I was just skimming the best ball in wind topic thread (popped up in my mailbox), and I would vote for the Srixon balls. I thought both Zstars performed very well in the wind. Think the Oncore's do as well, but just not quite as good, but very close. The X2 is a non-starter for me. Based on some other comments I've seen from you about your drives falling out of the sky, my 2 cents, probably not likely to be a good fit.
  5. Echoing a lot of the same sentiments. Switched to the new Elixr ball earlier this year and couldn't be happier. Played the Srixon Zstar xv mostly last year, but still pricier than I would like, even when bundle deals available. Trialed the X1 against it, and results were nearly identical for me. So at $30/dozen vs $40, why pay more. If money weren't a factor, would probably just use Pro V1's, but for most of us, it is. Get nearly identical performance at $30/ dozen. That's why we all try different balls, right? Have been anticipating the X2 out of curiosity, but figured it would be firmer, and not for me. Shocked to hear the price point is $50 though. Really hope they stay on course.
  6. David Waterford WI currently a 21 handicap according to my league stats, but starting to drop after switching putters a few weeks back. I chose the GI irons because my earlier attempt at player distance irons humbled me earlier this year. Switched the PXG irons recently to the TM Stealth. These Cobra's are gorgeous. Hope the graphite shaft option is not considered an upcharge, as I am finding graphite shafts much better for my arthritic hands and arms than the previous steel shafts. Wish I could play better irons because that pure forged feel is oh, oh so good. Good luck to all entrants !!!
  7. I forgot about that section completely, but saw your listing now. For my own safety and checking account, I'm going to re-forget that section exists, lol. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Hi All, I was editing today's round and discovered something regarding this. Under the Approaches Category, you can adjust the distance filter with a dropdown for beginning and ending yardages. So in principle, this should address the 2nd shot on par 5 holes without marking it as a positional shot. I adjusted my yardage on the top end of the range to 200 yards, rather than the default 225+ setting. I think this will be a more accurate reflection of my game, so I'm going to try this for a while. Doesn't hurt that it immediately increased my GIR number, but still way too low to be proud of, so I'm not going to mention it. Please forgive me.
  9. Haven't seen any new comments on how they are performing for you. Probably hitting them so well you won't leave the course, right ? If you get a rainy day to jump on and provide some new info, well, that would be cool. As for me, I'm scavenging anything I can trade in to Rock Bottom to get enough of a balance to order the D9's at little to no cost out of pocket. I'll still get a "Are you kidding me look", but easy enough to explain. Will probably have enough by the time the D10 forged irons come out. Fingers are still crossed for a MGS testing opportunity, but beginning to cramp up a bit.
  10. Totally agree. Reaching a par 5 in two if a strong wind is at my back and downhill maybe, but that's about it. Never occurred to me that 2nd is considered an approach shot. Must be one of many, many reasons my Approach stats are negative SG, lol. An optional setting would be nice for this. I wouldn't want these shots to be included in my approach stats (an area I am trying to focus on this year), but I would want the club distance data included, which will not be if I mark it as positional. Bummer.
  11. Congratulations to the winners !!! Just like playing the lottery, looking for the next chance not to win anything.
  12. Agree it is so, so much easier editing in the dashboard. As far as the strokes gained, they are strongly suggesting they will be in the dashboard with the new update coming within the next week or two. Many of us have commented on this and asked SS, so fingers crossed.
  13. REALLY, REALLY like the trending suggestion ! I'm a new user but have read about the V3 for a while now. In my limited interaction with SS, they have been very responsive and helpful with course updates. I've played a couple rounds at different places where the 9's have been flipped, and it's been corrected very quickly. I guess we may just need more SS users around here.
  14. Too scared to even mention I even went to the wife yet, but since she's out of the room, my best numbers were with the regular flex Dart shaft, standard length, loft, and plus 1 degree lie angle. I'll check back in 9 days, LOL !
  15. I attended a Wilson demo day yesterday just to see and hit the D9 forged. My first impression, WOWIE, ZOWIE !!! Indoor Trackman simulator, so take it for what it's worth. Beautiful looking to boot. For context, I should share that I just purchased new PXG 0211 DC irons over the winter, so I probably should not have even gone. Hitting them side by side, 7 iron only of course, the Wilson's won on distance and feel. Forgiveness was neck and neck. All close to be sure, but Wilson had the edge. I gamed the C200's for a few years, just really loved them, but they no longer match my swing. I have a buddy trying them out right now who has been struggling with his iron play for years, and so far, he is gushing about what he's seen so far. Suffice it to say, I'm trying to figure out how I can convince my wife that I need to get rid of my new clubs, and buy new, new clubs. Fat chance of that happening. Is it bad form to nominate myself to be an official tester (if one comes out) for these irons? I know my specs from the demo day, so it would be an easy order. Just saying. Of course it is bad form, but let's just call it "campaigning". That way I can assuage my guilt, and make it sound better. Would that be fair ??????
  16. I have been utterly fascinated by the TruGolfFit for quite a while. I've shared it with several of my golf buddies, which many of them have tried also. I was skeptical for quite a while because it was simply online asking a handful of questions, but finally broke down last year and had to do it. Glad that I did. Here are the results for that one: I was intrigued by the accuracy improvement, but was pretty satisfied with the TS2 driver I had been gaming all season, which gave me remarkable improvement over my previous driver. Therefore I wasn't ready to make any change at the time. Then came the off season, aka, winter in Wisconsin. Nowhere near me was there anywhere to try hitting my recommendation, but over the winter I was able to hit the Srixon on two occasions, and was very impressed. I should admit I am a bit of a value person (also called cheap by several of my acquaintances), so I wasn't ready to pony up for a new driver either. I did find a used one on Rock Bottom for a good price with additional discounting during a promo period, and ordered the recommended driver. I've played it for a couple months on indoor simulators and now a couple real rounds, and am very happy with it. As I had hoped, really improved accuracy and even added some distance for me, more than the 2.80 yards described. Good hits are really positive, but poor strikes are MUCH more playable. I was always perplexed where the improved numbers came from, but after someone commented they derive from the Golf Spy database, and not my actual numbers, it became what should have been obvious more clear. Duh ! Then the service became free. Woo Hoo ! So I tried it again. Results this time: Although that distance gain is a nasty little tease, I doubt I would see that gain. I'll let you guess what my plan is based on previous statements, but $600 for a new driver isn't really an option. Kudos to My Golf Spy to making this tool available. At least one of the guys I recommended this to is actively pursuing a purchase based on his personal recommendation, and at least one other guy is hemming and hawing about his, even though he just recently purchased a new driver also.
  17. I scheduled a PXG traveling fitting through their website (check out if that my an option for you) this past winter on a whim due to the value, and reviews I had read. I had all ready scheduled a fitting at Golf Tec, and did them both within a couple days of each other. I ended up getting the PXG's, and my customer service experiences with them have been wonderful. For what it's worth, the other fitting concluded Mizuno's, which I also really liked. In a perfect world, I would have loved to hit them side by side, but obviously, that was not an option. I got the 0211 DC's and so far, pretty pleased with them. I ended up with the stock Elevate shafts, regular flex, but there are multiple upcharge options on the website also. I also think the standard PXG grips are just fine. Not slick at all. I've mostly used them on simulators, with just two actual rounds on a real course. Springtime in Wisconsin. Clubs look great, feel very good, are pretty forgiving as well. Nearly every shot is dead straight, and distance is pretty consistent even on less than good contact. With good contact, it feels awesome!! Agree with other comments about the topline view too. Really still getting used to them, but I believe I found a winner, but not quite there yet. For the price, I would definitely recommend them. Definitely a quality product. PXG seems to promote them as Player Distance irons comparing them to the P790's, most reviews I've seen indicate they are game improvement. I kind of think they sit on the fence between them, which is perfect for me.
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