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  1. I live in Los Angeles and it is practically impossible to secure a tee time (even for a single) on any of the decent LA municipal courses. It is all about the $$$. City “leaders” want to convert to homeless housing. Imagine historic Rancho Park GC, formerly site of the LA Open prior to it being move to Riviera CC converted to a homeless shelter full of drug-addicted, mentally ill people, with feces everywhere. LA is a joke and spiraling downward which at this point is hard to do.
  2. About four or five months ago, Wilson Staff discontinued the Duo Soft Spin ball so I embarked on a long and thorough ball test. I rarely lose golf balls so I was open to a premium three piece urethane ball. With a slow 80 mph swing speed (age 68, 17 handicap), I tested perhaps a dozen premium balls. Off the tee, most were great for distance and feel. Long story short, I have a lot of golf balls to use up now after testing about 15 different balls multiple rounds each, logging distances off tee with each. With my 14 degree Mavrik driver, I averaged right at 212-218 yards with many of the balls. With a slower (obviously) iron swing speed, I felt that many premium balls had a harsher feel. I expanded my search. End result - I really like the Bridgestone E12 Contact and the TM Soft Response. Both are three piece but with ionomer cover. I also still like the WS Duo Soft+. For being either close to or the softest (lowest compression) ball made, it doesn’t feel mushy to my slow swing speed. I also like the Wilson Staff Duo Professional. On hot days in Southern CA, I feel I can even compress a TM Tour Response adequately. All this from someone who was faithful to Titleist Velocity for many years before going over to WS Duo Soft Spin. It truly is a rabbit hole when experimenting. I think when I have used up all the golf balls I now have, I will settle on either TM Soft Response or Bridgestone e12 Contact (60 and 61 compression respectively). Then as I age and I lose more swing speed, hopefully the WS Duo Soft+ will be there for me. If I were to play a urethane premium ball, I think that the Bridgestone Tour B RXS is tough to beat for my swing speed. Not the most durable ball, but definitely a good performer.
  3. I have had just one swing thought for the past three or so years. Since I have a tendency to take the club outside, my swing thought is COLLAPSE RIGHT ELBOW, TURN. The collapsing of right elbow ensures my club takeaway is straight back and the “turn” reminder helps me complete my backswing and slows the transition. We all have some tendencies that hurt our game. So I believe the thought (and I believe in only one thought) should be to address those bad tendencies. I have also been putting my club against my hips prior to every shot to check my alignment as that has also been a bad tendency if mine. But that isn’t a swing thought, but rather a pre-swing practice. I’m a quick player but find these work for me. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! I am realizing that with a slower swing speed, the distance off tee doesn’t vary much regardless which balls I use. So I’ve decided feel is all important to me. I tested the Bridgestone E6 yesterday and liked the feel. I know it is now a 2 piece with surly cover but at allegedly 50 compression, I liked the feel. Around the green, spin is of little concern to a 17 indexer. Solid contact is my major concern. And not decelerating into the ball from years of poor results deep in the recesses of my mind. Taking the advice of the someone, yesterday I went on line and bought access to rebelliongolf.com. Most old dudes hold their game together by having solid to serviceable short games. It’s about time I try to do the same. So ball-wise, right now the e6 Bridgestone is the ball to beat. I definitely don’t want anything firmer. Yesterday my best drives traveled 225, 222, 220, 214, 213 and 206. With about an 80 mph swing speed, that is about the best I can hope for. Yeah, I had some mishits. They tended to travel between 180 - 198.
  5. Since my regular golf ball, Wilson Staff Duo Soft Spin was discontinued, I have been on a search for a new ball and have tested more than a dozen over past six months. I’m 68, have a 17 index, drive the ball an average of 212-218 with a 14 degree Mavrik driver. I was down to a 14 before I starting testing so many different golf balls. My driver swing speed is down to 80 mph due to age. I hit 72% of FW’s. Having tested a slew of three piece urethane balls (and clearly favoring them over ionomer), I am torn between the BS Tour B RXS and the TM Tour Response. I tried the Soft Response and the Callaway Supersoft on the ionomer side and find them to be generally a little clunky at impact. Can’t beat urethane. I also tested Titleist’s TruSoft, Tour Soft and Tour Speed. Also tested Wilson Staff Duo Professional. I know we are talking 64 vs 70 compression (BS vs. TM). I also know that the BS is not as durable and is pricier, costing about $10/dozen more. But I don’t lose golf balls so I consider that irrelevant. They both putt well, though I’d maybe give a slight edge to the BS. Any other thoughts before I commit?
  6. Yes Don, I guess it is the length of the FW shafts. But I know shorter shafts likely means shorter distance. So after the driver, maybe the 180-185 that I get out of the 3 hybrid is the best I can realistically get. Though if the ball is on a slight incline, I get an extra 5-10 yards from it. As I mentioned, I like the look and feel of the hybrid set, but need the little longer shafts.
  7. Thanks Mike! Yes indeed, I feel lucky to be able to golf as much as I do. And pretty healthy, thank God, other than the every other week chiropractor visit, a small price to pay.
  8. I am 68 years old and a 16.6 HDCP currently. Seven years ago I went to Cool Clubs for custom fitting and have been pretty pleased with the clubs, though several years ago, at significant expense, I pulled the 7 wood (Callaway X2 Hot)and the 6 iron (T/M Speed Blade) and added a 3 hybrid and 6 hybrid, matching the expensive shaft and model of club. About a year ago, due to a slower swing speed (about 80 mph now vs about 87 seven years ago), I went to Club Champion and got fitted for a Maverick (14 degree setup), which has helped regain some lost yardage, average about 218 off tee with it. Seven years ago, my hybrids were fitted with stiff shafts. On a whim, unlike me, I just ordered a set of Cleveland Turbo Launcher hybrid irons with senior shafts (4-GW). Since I went from 4, 5 and 6 hybrids to hybrid irons, those three clubs are 1 1/2 inches shorter! Thus, I am now a full club shorter, which is NOT what I am after. And the other irons 7-GW are a half inch shorter so at best I am same distance with those, actually maybe five yards shorter with each. I have paid for a full fitting at Club Champion (as Covid hit early last year) so think I’ll proceed with completing that since my self-diagnosing hasn’t worked out as well as hoped. I will fess up to Club Champion but the performance they have to beat is the previous set, not the hybrid irons. I hit 72% of FW’s YTD after 61 rounds, but only 22% of greens. I am a poor chipper and a decent putter. Other than the distance loss, I like the hybrid irons. I am a poor FW wood player, but have a very tight dispersion with hybrids. Currently carrying driver, 3 and 4 hybrids (from old set (Callaway X2Hot, stiff shafts), hybrid irons 4-GW, putter and my old LW and GW (mostly fir bunker play. Does anyone have any advice or counsel? I have thought of just going to Roger Dunn and spending a load of money simply getting a quality senior shaft that is longer but that again is self-diagnosing. Age eventually gets all of us but I intend to have the best equipment for my game, whatever level it is. Thanks!
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