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  1. I'd say they are. The Karmas seem a little harder and stiffer to me.
  2. To be perfectly honest, I regripped my clubs for the first time in many years over the past winter. I bought a pack of Karma grips from Amazon in bright orange for around $50 Canadian and did it myself. I wanted to experiment without breaking my bank account and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how well they have held up over the 15 or so rounds I've been lucky enough to play this year. I expect to get at least another season out of them. They feel better to me than the old GP tour velvets, that said, the GPs were probably 10 years and at least 100 rounds old so that's not saying much. The Karmas seem to do pretty well wet or dry, not squishy or overly tacky, just the perfect feel for me. I just wanted a consistent feel across the whole set. I was sick of having different grips on one off clubs like my woods and wedges. Maybe when I'm a little wealthier I'll splurge on something a little more expensive, but for my buck, the Karmas are an excellent choice.
  3. Just started following him in Instagram. Seeing his long drive student smash a 7 iron 260 yards has me hooked lol
  4. Thanks for the welcome Mick! As the euro cup rolls on, I'm really loving the oranje on my clubs as you can probably tell
  5. Hi everyone! Long time reader, recent member, first post. I've been playing golf for about 10 years. I got started late, in my mid 20s. Currently managing a 15hcp thanks to a commitment to more practice and some strong play in the few rounds I've managed this year. The improvements can be attributed to better putting and some swing and club adjustments. I also love club maintenance. It's what gets me through the winter. Regripping, cleaning, tweaking. I regripped, added 1.5 inches (I'm tall) and did the paint fill on all my clubs this February and really enjoyed it. I was very happy with the turn out, it's like getting new clubs. I should probably take some pics before I beat them to hell haha. As for what I love about golf other than the above, I love challenging myself and seeing improvements. I'm addicted to that feeling of being in the zone. I love the strategy and learning how to manage the course better. Most of all, I enjoy being outside with the boys, my wife or by myself. Hoping to add my son to my list of partners soon as he just turned 4. I am from a little North of Toronto, Ontario so I'm jealous of anyone who gets full year golf. I do not have, nor have I ever been a member anywhere but I have a handful of tracks in pretty regular rotation. I love playing new courses. I am an electrician by trade which means I'm generally stuck playing on weekends. My username is k van. It was a nickname when I was young and a gamer tag back when I spent my spare money on video games instead of golf as I do now. As for the 26, there are a few special days in my life that happen to fall on the 26th of the month. Looking forward to hanging around and maybe even contributing once in a while. I can't even say how often I've been on this site looking for review or answers.
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