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  1. Wanted to say thank you to the testers and this forum for the great dialogue on SuperSpeed Training. It convinced me to buy the product and have been pretty faithfully working the program since the first week in March (2021). I wanted to share some of my results. Started with a max driver speed of 102 mph measured by PRGR. I'm now into the middle of level 2 training and have peaked my driver swing at 120 mph, although a more common peak for me at the moment is 117-119 mph in any given session. As many others have said, please don't buy this without a speed measurement device. You'll regret it. One thing that's keeping my motivation up is documenting my sessions in a spreadsheet. For each session, I track each peak speed for each move, both dominant and non-dominant sides. I color code my record speeds including any time I simply tie a record. As I scroll down the spreadsheet I can see my records lumped at the bottom of the page where the recent sessions are which tells me I haven't stopped getting faster. Keeping those records motivates me to beat them in the next session which I suppose is the point of the program - getting your body to move just little faster each time. I also peek at the tester's data in the shared Google doc. It allows me to see my speeds compared to others to better understand how much faster I need to get with each weighted club. I can remember early in my training swinging the green club at 120mph and not being able to fathom swinging it 130 mph like some of the testers. I was going all out and felt like there was nothing left in my tank. Now I'm peaking at 131 mph with the green club and am starting to believe I will get to 135 mph or more. My swing on the course hasn't suffered at all. I haven't experienced the block pushes others have reported. The biggest change for me as been adjusting my irons to additional distance. I've hit my irons at a consistent distance for a very long time and pulling one less club and getting it to the target isn't mentally comfortable yet. My last 3 rounds are even par, -1, even par (on easy courses). It's the first time I ever shot even and under par. I intend to keep using the product and follow the program to see how much further I can go. FYI - I'm 42 years old.
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