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  1. Given how close each OEM designs their clubs to the limits set by the rules, and they type of marketing speak that comes with each new release, what is the actual or average quantum of improvement that clubs are gaining release over release? 1% 2%?
  2. Where do you see that? It's still listed on their site, it's just sold out. https://projektco.com/collections/dagrey/products/kozmak-stand-bag-dagrey
  3. Finished my first round with it today. I liked it, but it will take some getting used to. The top is smaller than my previous bag, so the spacing between top and bottom of dividers is smaller. I still need to figure out my optimal club arrangement. The ball pocket is huge! I had all my balls and I wedged my bag of tees and little bag of divot tools/ball markers in there with plenty to spare. I used the “crush resistant” sunglasses pocket for my rangefinder. I just kept it unzipped and it was secure enough and in a convenient location. All in all, it’s a good start.
  4. I just bought this yesterday due to the Golf Town sale. I was about to pull the trigger on a Cobra Ultralight stand bag, but this caught my eye due to the understated colour, six-way full-length dividers, and relative light weight. On first looks, it looks nice. Zippers have nice big pulls and the attachment rings are big and clear. I haven't managed to load it up yet. It looks to have a little less capacity than my Strata starter set bag, but has less duct tape holding it together. I probably need to carry less anyway. It doesn't have a pass through, but I think you could possibly run the cart strap through the carry handle to keep it from twisting. I generally use a push cart, or walk when the weather gets colder, so I can update you after first use this weekend. Though I won't be able to comment on twisting on a cart.
  5. When should a rapidly improving player think about getting fit for the first time? My handicap has fallen from a 43 at the end of last season to a 29 currently. I’ve recently broken 100 twice (90 and 95, respectively) and expect it to keep falling as I reduce errors and penalties. I started playing last June with a Strata starter set and I’m contemplating get fit for new irons. The Strata irons have been solid companions, but aren’t well constructed are very lightweight. My local pro who I’m taking lessons from said that buying off the rack and having them retrofitted for loft/lie/gapping, but my concern is having a less than ideal shaft. Thanks!
  6. Hey All: New member hailing from Oakville, ON. Just started playing June last year, so I'm the classic COVID golfer. I joined a nearby club for this year and I'm trying to get in as many rounds as possible. Finished last year at a 43 hcp and I'm down to a 29 currently, having broken 100 for the first time (shooting 90) recently. I'm hitting my irons well, so now it's my tee shots and penalties letting me down. My current bag is a mishmash of clubs as I upgrade with used deals: Driver - 2016 M1 430 w/ Kuro Kage TiNi 60 Stiff (still working on hitting this well) 3W - 2016 M1 w/ Kuro Kage TiNi Stiff 3h - Ping G 19deg w/ Alta 70 stiff (recent addition to have a fairway finder) 4h, 5h - Callaway Strata 6i-PW - Callaway Strata GW, SW, LW - Kirkland Wedges (a recent change from Wilson Harmonized wedges) Putter - Wilson Infinite Bean 34"
  7. Thanks. I'll give them a few range sessions and rounds to see how they fit in my gapping. Currently I have a decent gap between my cavity back 46deg PW and my bladed 50deg wedge. I'm trying to figure out the correct knock-down shots with both to make hitting the green (or at least distance to) a bit more automatic.
  8. Does anyone know if these can be bent, or is the steel too brittle? I'm currently playing 50, 56, 60 in super cheap Wilson Harmonized wedges. I have the Kirkland's coming in the mail, but I'm worried about the gap from PW (cavity back) to the 52. Either I get this bent to 50, or I have to learn to hit a knock-down PW to fill the gap.
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