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  1. I was fitted for the 6.5 TX. I went with the small batch PVD Finish and It just looks awesome. The PVD Finish cost extra $$$ btw. They also tipped if for a little more stiffness. That's about all I know about the specs. Oh yeah and I have a tsi3 head set at 7 degrees. As for feel and performance. I've always had a fast tempo. My avarage club head speed is around 128. So I can really feel the stability in the shafts compared to my old shafts. This was my first time getting fitted so I really left the decision making up to the fitter. The end result had me carrying the ball 30 yards further then the stock setup I had before. And more Importantly mush less fade. I never thought I'd spend over $1000 on a driver but it was totally worth the money.
  2. I tried hard stepping to lower my ball flight but I think my club heads and technique play a bigger role. I double hard stepped px 7.0's on p790's the flight did in fact come down a good bit but I still get crazy hight. Either way I'm happy with the outcome. I needed the stiffest shafts available and I definitely got them. Maybe a little more work on technique and I can present a little less loft.
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