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  1. REgarding Ben hogan I am sure the quality is comparable but design wise I am not so appealed by them
  2. Hi ! Thanks @crw for the input, you are right. I do prefer also the 902 to the 639CB exactly for what you mentioned. I did not know the that Bridgestone model… It is very appealing, as you said simple but sharp. @18birdies, I am sure you are right, the 639CB must be and excellent set. In the end, I believe I would be happy with any of those(639CB or 902). Being a decent ball striker nonetheless the vision of a “small head” makes me uncomfortable. If was leaving in the US, no doubt I would try both demo program but unluckily my job sends me to places every year and never had the opportunity to come to the United states! I am sure someone on the forum has both sets in their garage and could tell me which one has the “biggest head” or which on is the “easiest” to play. I have been looking extensively on the forum but still haven’t find my answer. I know both owner of New Level and Sub 70 are very reachable but I don’t feel I could ask them the question.
  3. Hi there, I been reading a lot about Sub 70 and new level products and I have to say that I am decided to buy some of their products. I finally found golf companies which marketing positioning (and pricing) makes sense to me. I am going to buy the fairway woods from Sub 70 ( a 3 and a 5 wood) but I am still wondering about the iron set. The options I am considering are the New level 902 and the 639CB. Someone would be able to tell me which one of the two set is set is the most forgiving or "easy" to play? I am mostly concerned about the head size, I would not want them to be too small. I am currently playing a old serie of Titlesit "DCI 981" and would like something with a bit more forgiveness. Thanks
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