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  1. I do not have pictures for everything because of how much stuff i'm selling, but I will include some and the rest will be available upon request! I'm home from work so I will get pics out very quickly. FOR SALE: Head only: TM TOUR ISSUE M5/M1, both have "+" sign. M5 $250: https://imgur.com/gallery/vYO7UfD?s=sms M1 $100: https://imgur.com/gallery/ST8Jq6Q?s=sms Hot melted TS4 9.5* like new: $200. Putters: LAB Golf DF2.1 with tour favorite LAGP matte black shaft, 9/10. $650 (shaft is $400): https://imgur.com/gallery/iexZxQy?s=sms *TOUR ISSUE* Copper Spider X '35
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