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  1. I had hit the ZX5s, as well. The Apex DCB had a better feel and sound than the ZX5s. Distance was comparable
  2. Hi HAC! I’m a lefty, as well! I understand your pain! I, too, have been struggling with my 3h. This year I pulled it out of my bag and added a 7w. I am plying a Callaway Rogue ST Max and I am loving it. It is about 5-10 yards longer than my old 3h, but I am ok with that. Previously, I had about a 30 yard gap from my 3h to my 5w. It has improved my gapping as well. Much easier to hit consistently. I’m still gaming a 4h.
  3. Like a lot of other guys here, i would recommend that you stay away from the 62* and focus on the top of your bag, as well as the gap between your 7i and 6i. Best of luck
  4. I just made the switch from spikes to spikeless, this year, and I don't see myself ever going back to spikes. Have had several pair of Nike and Adidas spiked shoes in the past, and am now wearing Ecco S-Three spineless shoes. I walk a couple rounds a week and love them! No issues with traction!
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