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  1. I've got a Garmin approach g80 which is both a GPS and a launch monitor. I've used it at the range a few times. The numbers seemed a little off, but it seems consistently off, if that makes sense. So I've used it the first couple times to get an idea of my yardages (only been golfing a few months) and since then I've pulled it out to see my numbers get better. Honestly, I'm not sure if I would buy it again if I could go back. Seems like quickly diminishing returns for me. Would be awesome if the local ranges had a couple portable units that they could rent out.
  2. That is the exact reason that I started playing earlier this year. Welcome to the forums. Best way to learn to play properly is to get lessons. It'll save you a bunch of headaches. That being said, I haven't had a lesson yet. My learning so far has been through YouTube videos and trial and error. I've spent time at the range. After the outing I knew at work golfed so I asked a few people if they wanted to golf with me. There are two people I work with in particular that are pretty good, so I actually offered to pay for a round in exchange for tips and advice while we played.
  3. Shot a personal best this morning! Broke 100 for the first time with a 95. I'd "broken 100" twice before but one was a round where we weren't counting penalties and the other was a par 66 course. Couldn't sleep well last night and I finally just decided to get up early this morning and hit the local course, River Heights. Son didn't want to wake up and come with me so I went out solo for just my second solo round. The first time I did that it was an adventure because I can't track a ball too well and my striking was so erratic that sometimes I had no clue which direction the ball went. This time was a different story because of the adjustments I'd been making recently to my grip. Still have troubles tracking ball flight sometimes but today I at least had an idea of where the ball was supposed to be. Hole one has always been a bit of a nemesis hole for me. In the roughly fifteen rounds I've played there this year, I've only hit the fairway once; otherwise they've been a couple of dribbling mis-hits or I would slice them HARD right. This time, while it still tailed off to the right, it went further than ever before and wound up just off the fairway. I bogeyed the par four which (sadly) is two shots better than I'd ever gotten before. Overall, my tee shots were really good for me. I got par on three of the four par threes and birdied the par four 12th. Overall I had four doubles, a triple and one quad. Longer clubs were great, putting was really good, it was my wedges that let me down. By "let me down" I mean it went like usual but the rest of my game was so much better than usual, ha! Man, I'm really feeling good after this round! This past week things have been coming together and its really feeling like a breakthrough. We're doing a charity scramble this weekend and I'm really getting excited about it.
  4. Thanks all, looking forward to testing just how far off line this thing will track!
  5. Whoa there... there's a difference between "improvements" and "well!"
  6. I've made a few adjustments to how I hit my driver which has resulted in some big improvements. Where I used to be able to use the same tee for rounds, now it seems I'm snapping a tee on every strike. Is this normal?
  7. Hit the range today with a large bucket, intent on finally getting a former grasp on my club yardages. Wedges weren't great today so I'm going to have to try with them again. But as I moved up in clubs I seemed to get a better handle on things. The adjustments to my driver, wood, and hybrid seems to be paying off. My son suggested a setup change during a round yesterday and I tried it again today. Wood and hybrid were much more consistent this time and all three clubs were both longer than before and much tighter in dispersion.
  8. Son and I decided at the last minute to play a round today. We were able to get a tee time at Marengo Ridge in Marengo IL. Never been there before but we'll definitely be back. Great course. Well maintained. Balls rolled a long way, which was cool. Only weird thing was that it looked like every knuckle dragger was there dragging their feet on the greens. We both got birdies on the dogleg short par 4 fifth hole, only my second ever, on different approaches. He managed to clear the dogleg and land just shy of the green which gave him a short chip and a putt, while I landed my drive right at the curve and hit my best approach shot of the day to a foot from the cup. I'd been working on my driving recently and it paid off today. Just absolutely crushing (for me) the driver, only one shot was badly mishit. Really striping my 3H, too. My irons were a little hit or miss so I tried using my new driver grip on the back nine. Consistency was better and I overshot a few, which is great because I usually leave myself short. Wedge game was iffy. Putting was atrocious. Would have killed for a few more three putts, sadly. One of my favorite things in life is cracking a terrible joke or making a funny comment, then watching someone's delayed reaction as they realize what I said. My son was ribbing my poor putting and I called myself Jabba the Three Putt. Took him about three seconds before it hit him and he just doubled over in laughter. Had to take a few steps away and reset over his shot. Shot a 104. Really one of the more satisfying rounds I've had in a while. Hope to get back out soon!
  9. Absolutely pasted a driver shot today. Out-drove my son!
  10. We went back out today and were joined by a friend from work. Same thing; hit a bucket almost exclusively with my driver. Rotating my lead hand more towards the top of the shaft (so the back of my hand is pointing much more upward) really straightened me out. My friend pointed out that I have nearly no lower body movement at all and he showed me how to rotate my hips and shift my weight more. Some better movement combined with the grip change gave me a bunch of drives that were straighter and far longer than any I've had before. Huge, HUGE confidence boost! I have a 3 wood and a 3 hybrid; I hit a few balls with each. I still have issues with the three wood but I managed to really pop a few with the hybrid. Seems if I play it back a bit and keep my hands ahead of the club head I can get pretty good results. Again, not sure if good, bad, or just luck.
  11. On a more serious note, the game is absolutely evolving. We've witnessed it in baseball with the push towards "three true outcomes": walk, strikeout, homerun. Its happening in basketball where layups and threes are king. Golf seems to be turning into more of a long drive competition. Is this all making the games "easier" or more efficient? Absolutely. Are these things making the games "better?" That's debatable and in the eye of the beholder. More information is always better and the internet helps makes that info much easier to access. I believe the bigger issue is how people interpret that data. Like others have mentioned, I'm hitting it farther than before and my scores are dropping. Does that mean distance is king, or am I just getting better at golf (ie, fewer chunks and such)?
  12. I'm new to the game so I can't speak about the evolution and strokes gained and stuff, but I do know this:
  13. Went to the range with my son to work on my driver and woods. My driver is slicing pretty hard right and I'm just not hitting woods well in general. I get zero distance on my longer clubs. I'd like to blame my older hand-me-down equipment but I'm sure it's mostly just me being terrible, lol. I'm finding that I get better woods contact when I play the ball nearer to my back foot, which seems counterintuitive, but I digress. Was messing around with different tee heights, grip, and setup for the driver. I was able to straighten it out at the expense of popping it way up instead. So, not great. Son finished before me so he was watching me finish my bucket. He noticed that I keep my arms more or less locked which results in an outside-in swing. I tried flexing a bit more aggressively at the top of my back swing which seemed to straighten me out without sacrificing my meager distance. Ran out of balls and had somewhere to be, so I'm not sure yet if breakthrough or dumb luck. Hopefully I can get back in the next day or so.
  14. Holy cow was today a bad day. Long story short, I shot 126. Son and I played at River Heights with a couple other friends from work. I started out like usual for the first couple of holes, playing bogey or double for the first few holes. On the sixth hole I carded a 15 (!) because I lost two balls and hit another OB by about three feet. I then went par (first in a while), bogey, bogey, bogey, par, which is the best stretch I think I've ever had (so far). Wheels came off after that with two more double digit scores and only hole less than a triple. I keep thinking it, but I really ought to just put away my driver (and if I'm honest, my woods and hybrids too) for a while and play with just my irons. Then I went ahead and absolutely blasted a beautiful shot with my driver on 17. So...being the dope that I am, I'll likely try again with the full bag next time. Anyway, shot 126. Weather was great, company was better. 10/10 would do it again!
  15. I bag a 2 iron every now and then. It gets pulled out once a round for laughs, but also occasionally to putt from the fringe and to get out from under trees.
  16. I was in the trees about 90 yards from the green with a bunker directly between me and the pin. The smart play would be to hit a lateral pitch back onto the fairway but I've never been mistaken for smart. On suggestion from my playing partner, I lined up with the ball on my back foot and delofted the heck out of my 7 iron. I blasted a stinger that never went more than five feet above the ground and hit the lip on the back of the bunker, which popped the ball up and rolled to a stop about ten feet from the pin. (Sighs) I proceeded to two-putt it for a triple. But WOW what a shot! I'll never do that again in a million years.
  17. Son and I played at Fairways in Rochelle with a couple friends from work. All three are a lot better than I am. I was actually playing pretty well at first. Then I shot 10's on back to back par 5's, which started an eight hole run of double or worse golf. On the whole, though, things were encouraging. Some grip and alignment adjustments were mostly working well. Putting was more hit than miss and I hit a few really nice wedge shots. Best part of all: I used the same ball for the entire round! Weather was great and the company was better. Shot a 110 and would do it all over again.
  18. As usual, thank you all for taking the time for helpful tips and other replies. New question... I'm left handed but swing righty. As I sign up for websites or contests or such, it usually asks for your dexterity. I indicate that I am righty... right? Is there a situation in golf where swinging righty but throwing lefty would be an issue? More important question; how do you know your club lofts? Is it something you just "know" when you purchase them or is the information out there somewhere? It's indicated on everything but the irons in some way, but my clubs were second hand so I have no idea what my PW or 9 are, for wedge gapping purposes.
  19. Just checked their website and realized I live about five minutes away. Would be fantastic to rep a local brand. They'd probably be less enthusiastic about a guy repping them that can't even break 100 though, LOL!
  20. Off the tee. I already don't hit very far yet, and my driver (and woods) doesn't go particularly straight. All of my game is still pretty terrible but nothing causes more havoc than the first shot of the hole.
  21. I don't have the consistency yet to really make the determination, but how quickly do you realize the driver (or whatever club) isn't working that day? Can't be just one drive, right? Is it two or three bad ones in a row, half a round, what have you? Or is it eventually just a "You know it when you see it" situation?
  22. How does one go about figuring and tracking their handicap? And beyond that, does every round count, like a casual round with friends? Or is it just in leagues or tournaments?
  23. With regards to the driver, why do people sometimes put it away mid round? Is it about the score? Or frustration over bad shots? Something else? I want to hit every club as often as possible in a round and try different things. Use a hybrid out of a fairway bunker, try a flop shot from the fringe, etc. Bad (or stupid) shots do not affect my enjoyment of the round. I figure every thing I do is a bit of a learning experience. That being said, most of my golf time is spent on the course with my son and friends as opposed to on the range. I don't have much opportunity to do actual practice. If I do make it to the range, it's a little more mindless than purposeful.
  24. Son and I played 18 at River Heights again with a couple of friends from work. It was another hot one. I played pretty decent today although the driver was generally not helpful, mostly slicing hard right again. Because of that I wound up using my 3 wood a ton and that played pretty well, along with my irons. Wedges and putter were hit or miss. Again I had a few pretty decent holes with some birdie opportunities and a few other holes that were absolute dog crap. On the whole, I shot 107, son a 91, and the others just under 100. We had a ton of fun as usual.
  25. Played 18 this morning at River Heights in DeKalb with my son. Course was in rough shape even by my low standards, not that condition has any effect on my play. I was pretty solid early on but not at all consistent. Holed out a couple of 15-20 foot putts, but also had several 3-putt bogeys. The fact that I had a number of birdie opportunities is very encouraging, though. Been working hard on not leaving my follow through short. Between that and playing all my shots a ball or two back in my stance led to a larger amount of solid strikes. Driver was either popped up straight but very short or pretty deep but sliced hard right. Trying to play one shot shape led to the other, and vice versa. Wheels came off on hole 13. I think I just ran out of gas. Suddenly I was chunking shot after shot the rest of the way. Son had similar issues on the back half and was frustrated enough that he played the entire par 5 15th with his 3 wood, including out of the bunker and on the green, lol. He shot a 98 (his worst round in a while) and I shot 108, which was actually pretty good for me. Course was quiet, sun was shining. 10/10 would do it again, can't wait for the next one.
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