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  1. Decided on a whim to stop at Goodwill and I'm glad I did; I walked out with a couple Grand Hawk hybrids and two Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges.  The hybrids are decent upgrades but the wedges are huge!  

    Naturally I had to try them out so my son, daughter and I went to the range to each hit a bucket.  She's coming along nicely; she just used an 8 iron and her swing and striking are getting much more consistent.  

    The new hybrids are different than I'm used to; they look more like woods but with shorter shafts.  The Vokeys are tremendous, just feel and sound way better.

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  2. Son and I played with a couple friends in a scramble at Marengo Ridge yesterday.  This one was an eye opener.  We were not good.  Our buddy Mark bailed us out time and again, but the other three of us just couldn't get out of our own way.  There were a few instances where we had to take the best of four ugly chunks. 

    When it became apparent that we wouldn't be doing any damage, the alcohol came out, which actually helped a bit, lol.  We finished tied for next-to-last with a +2 74.  Just couldn't get close enough on the green for decent birdie chances.  The two winning teams tied with a 58.

    We didn't play great but we had a great time and are already looking forward to the next one!


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  3. Son and I played 9 at Buena Vista this morning.  First time playing in chilly weather and he still went out in shorts and a t shirt.  He was regretting that before the second hole, lol.

    Wasn't a great round but we never saw another soul on the course, so while we still finished within 90 minutes, we threw down a second and sometimes three balls at times to work on things.  Chunked a few shots and my irons were a little off line, but we both feel good going into a scramble tomorrow with a couple friends.

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  4. Had a coupon for Golf Shack in Rockford and I swung by last weekend with my wife and daughters.  First time in a place like this; we didn't have a ton of time to spend but I got to try one of the new Tour Edge drivers.  Newest piece of equipment (by far) that I've ever swung.  I definitely see the allure of constantly upgrading clubs!  Salesman watched me hit and gave me a few pieces of advice which as a beginner I really needed and by the end I was really hitting well.  Not sure if I should look into upgrading now or nearer to the start of next season.

    While browsing, my wife came upon a set that she really liked (they were purple) and mentioned that she might like to join me if she had a set like those.  Haven't pulled the trigger just yet but it's funny how I'll have a hard time justifying buying something for myself but I won't think twice about buying something similar if she says she is interested, lol.

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  5. On the par three 11 I hit my 6 iron 141 yards into a slight breeze and it dropped and stopped about three feet from the hole.  Still managed to par the hole, but it was easily the closest to the pin I've ever been.

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  6. I played 18 today but we stopped to eat at the turn.  I never remember off the top of my head how to pause the round (side note- what a pain to hide that option the way they do) and by the time we hit the back nine I couldn't resume the round and had to start a new one.  Is there an easy way to combine these "two rounds" into the actual single round?  I know I could manually add in the shots but that's more trouble than it's worth.


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  7. At the nine hole course I play, I haven't been asked to play the "back nine."

    I played 18 on a Friday, left the V3 on, played 18 on Sunday afternoon and it didn't quite die on me; was on 2% when I plugged it in back home.  Used GPS+tracking, or whatever it's called.

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  8. Another new question, more serious this time, living near Chicago.  People have started making mention of shutting it down for the season.  What do courses do to shut down for the winter months?  Do they pick an end date and close up shop?  Do rules or conditions change, like with leaves everywhere and such?  Just wondering what to expect for the last month or so of the season.

  9. Probably overthinking this here...Looking at my short game breakdown I'm more likely to miss short.  (Not so) Hypothetically, if my approach shot were to go past the green, then my chip goes back past the flag, would that technically count as a miss short?  In other words, are these locations static or dynamic?

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  10. My shot of the day yesterday at River Heights was my tee shot on 14.  Not only did I hit it further than I ever have, I managed to keep it in the fairway as well.  More than anything else this year, my driver has come a long way.  A couple months ago I was lucky to hit it 200 yards.  This time it went over 290.


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  11. Played a scramble yesterday with my son and my dad at River Heights.  Our fourth backed out due to the possibility of bad weather so we just played an extra ball which actually wound up bailing us out a few times.  We wound up shooting a 69 but the highlight was the eagle we got on hole 16.  And by "we" I mean my son.  He took all the shots and as nervous as he was on the putt, he dropped it dead in the hole.



    Weather did get a little dicey but we managed to finish the round.  Had a blast AND we introduced my dad to a new restaurant afterwards!

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  12. 4 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... You can do the same for short game practice with chips and pitches. Much more fun and engaging than just practicing those shots on your own. 


    Its only fun when I can beat him!  I'm the better putter, but hes a far better chipper. 

    I'd like to practice more in my backyard, but the ground is very uneven, with several tree roots and stuff.  Is trying to chip into buckets still useful?

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  13. Hit a bucket at the range today.  I played terribly last Sunday and I've got a work scramble tomorrow that I've been talking too much trash about, lol.  I have a tendency to not always settle in very well on some shots.  I'm not sure what exactly to do yet, but I need to develop a pre-shot routine to settle myself better.

    After the bucket the son and I went to the putting green for a bit.  We played a couple rounds of Horse which was a little more fun than we expected and is something we need to incorporate far more often.

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  14. I'm new to golf this year and would like to start thinking about upgrading some of my hand me down clubs but I'm suffering from selection paralysis.  So many choices, and so many options within those choices.  I don't like spending money on myself and I'm always hesitant to replace what isn't broken, y'know?

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  15. Played Tanna Farms in Geneva with my son and my dad.  This was by far the most demanding course I've ever played.  Accuracy is key; I already don't have that and it was really windy out.  All in all, just a garbage round.  What's that saying?  Two steps forward, twelve steps back?  That was me today.  Chunking the heck out of lots of shots, couldn't control anything.  Stopped keeping score partway through.


    As you can see, consistency was the name of my game today!

    We played from tees a little too far back; my dad hasn't gotten the memo that he's not nearly as long as he used to be.  None of us played great although my son played pretty decent.  My dad's a pretty good putter and holed a few from pretty far out.  My putting was about the only thing that was relatively good for me, too. 

    We sucked, but we all had a great time.  12/10 would go right back and do it again!

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  16. Spent about an hour in the backyard working on some short chipping.  Took a handful of balls and chipped them towards a tree stump trying to get them as close as possible.  Going back the other way, there is a line extending from the house where some cable was buried a few months back with about twenty feet or so past that to the fence.  I tried to chip to that line and get it to stop before the fence.  

    My chipping game is terrible.  I was mostly trying to get more of a feel for how I was setting up and swinging the club.  I pull a lot of my chips to the left (when I don't flub them completely) and I think I'm a little more cognizant as to why.  Baby steps.

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  17. Not so much a shot of the day but a hole of the day.  Hole 16 at River Heights always seems to give me the yips.  I generally end up in the circled area off to the right if I dont completely shank it.  Yesterday was different though.    Hit this one right down Broadway and then hit my 3W well, though it tailed to the right a bit.  Hit a 60° flop that carried with the wind and stopped on a dime about ten feet from the pin.  Holed the putt.  Each of those things individually don't happen very often and to pull them off in one sequence was a real joy!


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  18. Son and I went out to River Heights yesterday and my run of (relatively) good golf continues.  First time we've ever played in windy conditions and it showed.  It took us a little while to get used to things and we lost a ton of balls.  Things were wacky so we didnt count drops and such, so I shot a "95" but it was probably more like a 110 or so.  The wind was a factor; I drove with one for 279 yards, an outlier by my normal standards, while he managed to get under one into the wind for about 60 yards, LOL.

    Like an idiot, I made mention how we were putting pretty well and then proceeded to four putt on consecutive holes.  Overall, though, played pretty well.  I'm getting fewer and fewer mis-hits every round which is leading to everything being more enjoyable.  My game from green to about 75 yards is pretty bad, and overall my shots tend to be off-line, but compared my game even a month ago, I'm thrilled by my progress.

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  19. Thanks again for the insights everyone.  I bought a bag of plastic tees that also give me a consistent height and haven't had a problem since.

    New question, mostly in jest: Is there some kind of law that says all cart paths must be an adventure to navigate?  Every single course I've been to, the paths look like they've had bombs exploding on them.

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