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  1. 49 minutes ago, Blueberry_Squishie said:

    So the trigger isn't hitting the ball like Arccos, but proximity to the watch?

    No, it's hitting the ball, but the tag and the watch have to be near each other, just like the tag and phone with Arccos.  The trouble may occur if you, like Chip (or me), absentmindedly swing the club around as you walk, it might register another stroke by mistake.

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  2. Thanks Tony, that thread is very helpful!


    I just updated my review to include my initial unboxing.  Bear with me as I make adjustments, I'm still very new to all of this.  Heading out in a few to get a round in, hope to have some more insight tonight or tomorrow!

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  3. 15 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    There is a dropdown to switch between the review, comments, and pre signup comments when viewing the site on your phone. 

    LOL, I feel like Christopher Columbus, discovering something new that plenty of others already knew about! 🤣

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  4. Usually I access this site on my phone and for some reason the comments section of these testing threads don't appear.  Using my laptop allows me to see everything much better, my apologies for the delays in response.  To the initial thoughts!


    I got my V3 last Saturday, just in time for a scramble I did with my son and a couple friends.  Obviously not all the shots represented would be my shots (okay, many of them would not be my shots, lol) but it was a neat thing to see after the fact.  Took me about half the round to understand the Pin Collect feature.  Couldn't figure out what the numbers meant and was too worried about pace to stop and really look.  Because of that, we shot a 69 but the V3 says 66.


    I know I can go back and edit, but for testing purposes its fine and I'm not entirely sure which ones were wrong anyway.  Funny quirk; on hole 7 I absolutely blasted (for me) my drive and it actually rolled OB left on a dogleg right.  I went to about where it went out and pulled out a club just to swing it so I could "mark" that particular shot.  It happened to be my 6 iron which was actually the only time I pulled it out of the bag that round.  So the stats and map show I used my 6I once and hit it 51 yards backwards, ha!

    On the whole I like it a lot.  We have a Garmin Approach G80 and crosschecked the distances a few times and everything seemed spot on or no more than a couple yards difference.  Wearing a watch wasn't as obtrusive as I worried it might be, my only nitpick there is that it has to be on my lead hand which is also my glove hand, so the glove gets in the way of the buttons on the right side a little.

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  5. Just checked their website and realized I live about five minutes away. Would be fantastic to rep a local brand.  They'd probably be less enthusiastic about a guy repping them that can't even break 100 though, LOL!

  6. 13 minutes ago, knightsofnii said:

    No.  The sensors tell the app every time x club strikes a ball.  I'm mainly just correcting putts or the occasional misread after a round.  But while playing, I don't even look at the app.  I use my watch for my distances. Arccos just runs on my phone in the background.  

    Oh, neat! Would probably be a really good way to get a handle on club distances and such, eh?  Signed up for the opportunity, hoping for the best!

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