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Test Reviews posted by JerryB

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Jerry.  I've been golfing only for about three months and just broke 100 for the first time yesterday.  My depth perception on most of my hits is horrendous.  I'm the guy muttering "sit" just before my approach lands 20 yards in front of the green, lol.

    I'm excited to have the opportunity to test this out; I have no experience with anything like this before.  I have developed some impatience regarding pace of play.  I'm the type who walks up, addresses, and hits all within a few moments.  Because of this, I'm really interested to find out how it affects the regular process of my rounds.

    One more thing I'd like to find out is what ways I can interpret the statistics.  As an example, if I regularly use my 7 iron for bump and runs around the green, will it distort my  understanding of the 7 as a full club?




    The unboxing and initial setup process was pretty straightforward.  The box arrived quicker than anticipated (shout out to DHL!)  As to be expected, there is not much to the package- the watch, a charging cable, 16 screw-in ID tags, and a little start-up manual.


    From opening the box to ready-to-go the process took about a half hour.  When I turned on the watch it was at about 50% battery.  It went through a firmware update; as that was happening I downloaded the app and started to screw in the tags.  Screwing the tags in didn't take too much effort.  I set up my account on the app started to mark down my clubs.  There is a large database of clubs available; I don't know the exact model of my Dunlop woods so I had to guess, but it really doesn't matter too much.  The tags are very small and light.  Once they're screwed in I do not notice them.



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