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  1. Another option could be to just use an electric scooter on the golf course. It has more stability and I can even walk along with the scooter like pulling a trolley if the battery dies. I usually walk with it when I am talking to someone who is also walking or if I am on soft ground.
  2. rider.golf will be shortly launching to provide such golf bag holders. I already have an electric scooter that I modified using their golf bag holder. I used it on a GOTRAX GXL V2. It looks like this.
  3. You can just use an electric scooter to allow riding along with the golf bag on your electric scooter. I use mine that looks like this and cost me less than USD 1000. I love it and the fact that it is so light and compact as well to just fit in your car easily. You can contact me for how to mount etc.
  4. You can just use an existing electric scooter that can carry you and the golf bag. I use mine at times on golf courses that allow that. Way faster than walking and cheaper (<$1k) than anything else out there. Also very easy to carry at only 12 kgs. It looks like this.
  5. Yes most courses may not allow you in as it deprives them of cart revenue. I do use my electric scooter at times though on courses that allow it. It looks like this.
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