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  1. I used to own both white pants and white shorts and wore occasionally to play. Lost too much weight to wear the pants and never bought new ones. I did buy white shorts again and I do wear them occasionally. I play golf most every Saturday with a guy who wears white pants pretty much every week. He manages to keep them pretty clean while playing.
  2. You are referring to metal spikes...right? Can't imagine clubs not allowing the shoes available today with non-metal "spikes" on the bottoms, the ones that are rubber or plastic. I too miss the sound of metal spikes crunching on concrete.
  3. I have several golf shirts that were $75+. I bought them all using pro shop credit, not spending cash. I have become a big fan of Walter Hagen shirts from Golf Galaxy. I wait till they have a sale and get some very good deals.
  4. Ben Hogan shorts are by far the best fitting and wearing golf shorts I have owned. I ordered 3 pair in every color they had in my size last year. Great prices too!
  5. Interesting. Of my 21 pairs of golf shoes, all but 3 are FootJoys. Even the oldest FootJoys still do not leak. Now, will admit, I never buy a pair of shoes that do not have a 2 year waterproof guarantee. My oldest pair of FootJoy DryJoys are 12 years old and they still do not leak. I never put any kind of waterproofing on my shoes either. The 3 pair that are not FootJoys are Under Armour. One of them is about to go in the garbage. They have cracked right along the sole and I they probably will leak. Just noticed that yesterday. They will be in garbage next week.
  6. Near me is the company Lost Golf Balls .com. According to their website, minimum they will buy from you is 1000 if you contact them, otherwise minimum is 5000.
  7. I have been a Footjoy fan for years. I loved the Dryjoy Tours. Well, they no longer make them. Their replacements...well I am not a big fan of them...mainly because of the new style. Glad I have 4 more pair of Dryjoy Tours that have never been out of the box to go along with the other 6 pair I alternate with. Oh, and as far as looks are concerned, I will never wear a pair of golf shoes where the edges of the soles are white. Hate that look. So, I can't say how comfortable the new Footjoy Tarlow or Packard series are as I have never worn a pair.
  8. I more or less became addicted to golf after playing 4 times. I knew working and having a wife and child/children I would never ever get to tour level play but just as I was in every sport I played I wanted to be considered a good player. Plus, I love the game. I went from a hack to a single digit player. And, played at that level for many years. Couple car wrecks later, some mishaps riding bulls and now my body is pretty beat up. Was hanging in there close to single digit till I caught COVID and lost 16#, down to 145# from 161#. Now I am weak as a kitten, can hardly hit it out of my shadow, but still love to play and compete. I am hoping by the time warm weather gets here again, I can get some of my game back. I guess it is pretty simple. I love the game, love to compete, and love to win. It's probably the greatest game there is.
  9. Down here in Texas, you will die in the summertime wearing cotton. The shirts get soaked with sweat and get heavy. I gave Goodwill every cotton golf shirt (75 if I remember correctly) I had once golf shirts started coming out in performance fabrics. I see the OP is from Toronto and I can see where he could prefer cotton. I also don't wear shorts or slacks with cotton content for the same reason. Jeans...different story but not allowed to play golf in them.
  10. I had been using the GP MCC +4 since they first came out and pretty much changed them out once a year. I really like the grip and the color options were nice. I retired in 2019 and started playing way more golf than before. Close to 250 rounds each year. In 6 months the MCC +4 were slick and I clean my clubs and grips often. I switched to the Tacki Mac grip and have not had to change my grips since them...going on 3 years. Granted they are black and have no character but still.....
  11. I go to Myrtle Beach every year and have played Diamondback and Sandpiper many times. Sandpiper is good, will be easier than Diamondback. Diamondback is also good and challenging. Seems to eat my lunch but I enjoy it. This time of year, I think you will enjoy your selection. Stay as far away from any Big Cats courses as you can at Ocean Ridge. Several years ago, would not have said that. Played there summer before last and the summer before that. They have gone seriously downhill. You can Google Big Cats courses and check the reviews on several websites. Not good. Shame, Leopards Chase was probably my favorite course in the area. Also, if you haven't already, post on www.MyrtleBeachGolfTalk.com. You can get some very up to date info from the members there.
  12. Yep. Pretty sad. I have played a number of Rees Jones courses and for the most part enjoyed them and found them very playable.
  13. I often play golf with a guy who is 5 handicap strokes lower than me. We both hit the ball about the same off the tee. Our iron play is very similar. The big difference between he and I is that he is at least 50% better getting up and down when we miss the greens. He is likely one of the best putters I know of and I am mediocre at best. To me it is all about minimizing the damage when you have to get up and down (assuming you keep the ball in play most of the time). Keep stats and see where your flaws are. Then work on them to get better.
  14. 2021 was a decent year for me. Played 244 rounds Turned 75 in August - shot my age 74 couple of times before August and then 75 couple of times later in year For 2022...starting out rough. Tested positive for Covid this past week and in a 3 week time I have lost 16# down from 161# to 145#...weight I really could not afford to lose. So, 2022 goals, get my strength and weight back and shoot my age several more times. I really wanted to have one more round in the 60s before it becomes impossible but that is looking pretty bleak now. My handicap in GHIN is 11.0 and probably headed upward. Y'all have a great 2022
  15. This will get it done nicely. It will carry your clubs, the clubs of the rest of your 4some and seat them in comfort on the way to your golf destination with no need to adjust front driver seat or passenger seat for leg room.
  16. You buy an expensive putter, play with it a couple of years then it loses its luster (ability to make a putt for you). You can't get anything near what your paid for it, why just give it away? Put it in a bag in the garage with the rest of stuff that has no value.
  17. I have that same club but it is twisted around to fit a right handed guy.
  18. I can truly say that my experience with private clubs is nothing like that of the OP. I have been a member of numerous private clubs since I was 26 years old. I am now 75. I live in a gated country club community where you must be at a minimum a social member to own/live here. I play about 65% of my rounds at this club. However, I belong to 2 traveling tournament leagues and we play between 15 to 20 different golf courses in the greater Houston area and between those 2 leagues I have played 70 rounds in the past year. Even if I did not live where I do, the cost of golf would probably be prohibitive if I did not belong to a club. I have played 238 rounds in the past 12 months and 172 round just in 2021. I am not a shy person. When I moved here, I only knew a couple of residents. My regular group that I play with came about because I walked up to the 3 of them on Sunday and said "Hey, do you mind if I play golf with you guys?" Even when I travel alone out of state, I try to get paired with someone. Sure, there are going to be politics to deal with but once you join a club, you have to realize you have a vested interest in it and you must get in there and become involved in the Men's Golf Association or the Senior Men's Golf Association, sign up for the tournaments or play days. Get involved. Then you realize the benefits of being a club member.
  19. Great read!!! In my bag today is a MacGregor Smoothie putter. Back in the 70s, I played several MacGregor persimmon drivers. They were with me until the first Taylor Made metal wood. I still have all of those MacGregor drivers, just don't play them now. Never did own MacGregor irons. I played with Wilson Staffs back then until the first Ping irons came out.
  20. Not so much now that I am retired but before retirement I traveled quite a bit resulting in me showing up at golf course as a single. I personally do not like playing as a single. I always ask do they have someone who they could pair me up with. Other times, I have hung around until I saw a single, twosome or threesome and just walked up and asked if they minded if I played along with them. On a few occasions, I was turned down but not very often. I try my best to be cordial, play quickly, and avoid certain topics of conversation that tend to be controversial. Conversation comes pretty easy for me so I just try to find out what their interests are and go from there. And, I never give advice about golf unless I am asked.
  21. I have bought from them on several occasions with no problems whatsoever.
  22. Congratulations. We are same age. I had been so close for a few years now but finally managed to do it twice since March. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great accomplishment.
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