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  1. You be quiet, at least you were somewhat dry, I was soaked! And it wasn't tears or rain dropping on your head...you made me mad by staying out there.
  2. Twice a week my friend. @MattF sweats like a you know what in church too...it's pretty gross.
  3. Hey guys, The Hat here again. I was hanging out with Ben Curtis, the rock, today. MattF sure does sweat a lot...he swears a bit too, but everyone laughs because he talks funny. I really shouldn't say anything about because I'm made from Guatemalan palm leaves. Anyway, when we got home this afternoon we went for a swim. Well, Matt went for a swim and I just floated around on a lilo. Gotta go, apparently it's time for bed... At 6pm, that's a bit early but I no say nothing. See ya!
  4. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did... and I'm told it was delicious. I couldn't have any because I'd get soggy. The Hat only drinks sunshine and bug spray.
  5. Well, apparently I'm tired because I've been put to bed with my other friends. Good night everyone.
  6. I'm sorry to hear you won't be my friend @Peaksy68. However, maybe I can be friends with your pants because I'm told they're very colorful.
  7. Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, I'm The Hat. I currently live in the basement in @MattF's house. I'm lucky in that he takes me out twice a week or so for some fresh air and to watch him swear his way around a golf course...but he normally puts me in the boot of the car instead of the front seat...WTF is up with that, I thought we were friends! Anyway, here's a picture of me on the #4 tee at Windmill Lakes Golf Club in Ravenna, Ohio this afternoon. Believe it or not Matt actually hit a pretty good drive on this hole and didn't put a a ball in the water...amazing huh. Well, gotta go, he's going to hang me on a peg. PS: Matt said there's some guy named @Peaksy68 and that we could be friends.
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