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  1. I'm back mijos! Did you miss me? @MattFtook me to the golf course today and it was cold. He knows I grew up in Guatemala where it's warm! Sometimes I think he just hates me... Anyway, here I am just minding my own business, freezing my hat band off. I don't even know why he brought me out because there's no sun! He said something about shooting his wad early or something, I don't know, he talks funny. I saw that gringo @Yellow Ball family members all around today (they mustn't shower because they were all dirty). If I had hands I would have helped them but I don't, so they stayed stuck in the mud. Gotta go back to the basement to warm up.
  2. Try being a hat. At least you get to fly and go swimming, I just sit there, on someone's sweaty baldy head, getting coated in sunscreen and bug repellent.
  3. You were wearing the wrong one.
  4. Thank you my friend. I have a brim, not a back.
  5. I may have to speak to my friend @Yellow Ballto pay you several visits.
  6. You just made the list pal...
  7. @Rickp is right you clown, I'm not sleeping... I'm laying in wait.
  8. Hi guys! Thank you @tony@CIC for asking @MattF to come out. It was nice to be able to ride in comfort at a fancy club rather than bounce around at Windmill Lakes. Matt let me drive the cart, well, I steered because I don't have feet to reach the stop and go things. I cheered the guys on at this post 3...someone went on the water and it wasn't Matt. I didn't see my friend @Yellow Ball so I think he was in the group behind me. Well Matt got me home safe and hung me up until later this week.
  9. Just remember, the older the bull, the stiffer the horn! BTW, I was drunk on bug spray... @MattF uses a lot of that stuff.
  10. Hi Yellow. I think we need to get together sometime.
  11. You should be putting out fires not starting them Smokey.
  12. That's fighting words my friend.
  13. No he didn't...left at home again. BTW, that's The Hat. Mr Hat was my dad. I prefer poker. That's just a horrible thing to say...look out the next time I see you, I might land on your head!
  14. You be quiet, at least you were somewhat dry, I was soaked! And it wasn't tears or rain dropping on your head...you made me mad by staying out there.
  15. Twice a week my friend. @MattF sweats like a you know what in church too...it's pretty gross.
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