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  1. 1. I've been playing 15 years but my handicap doesn't reflect that as a 13. For me, a bad scoring round still beats any day I'm not playing golf! 2. I love golf cause it's a mental challenge for a hack like me, it's cheaper than therapy, plus gives me a guaranteed pass out of the house any time. 3. Been viewing this site for a while and just decided to join so I could link up with other golfers in my region and maybe get some tips to improve my game. 4. I live in Upper Marlboro, MD and my home course is Oakcreek Golf Club. 5. Up here it's not as sweltering hot or humid like the south... but it's more expensive and cold so we can't play all year round. 6. I'm a Maintenance and Electrical Business Owner (really I'm just my wife's full-time handy man) 7. My user name is my initials and dream score... again I'm a hack so 59 is just that, a DREAM!
  2. Much to my wife's disgust... I change mine every year and have 1-2 spare bags sitting around. BUT... in my defense, I'm a hack, so they only thing I got is my flashy outfits, clubs and bags to make me feel better about myself. At least that's the excuse I give her... so far it's working. shhhhhhhhh!!!!
  3. Hi guys, if there's a potential shortage... supply vs. demand could drive cost up. Here's a tip (you may know already) you can get 30% off Taylor Made Balls and equipment simply by signing your children up at AJGA Association as junior golfers. AJGA will provide you with a TM discount code upon registration completion.
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