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  1. That's how I learned guitar
  2. Well, starting with the woods: Usually I'm a Titleist man, and I was eyeing up the the new Tsi Driver, but when I went to the store, I got fit for a shaft first, the project X hzrdus smoke, as I wanted a low ball flight and low spin (playing quite a bit of links golf and a tendancy to hit the ball about 2° higher) and there just so happened to be that shaft on last year's SIM driver in a bag in the store, for $300. (Made it easier to choose over ordering a custom Tsi with the same shaft, being a lefty I take what I can get. Also, living in Ireland not as much choice for lefties) So I now have a nice low ball flight with my driver. Onto the 3 wood: Picked this M2 3 wood second hand off a local pro two years ago for like $80 (bargain!) I was to replace of all things, an old Titleist 980f 3+ wood 13° with a dynamic gold steel shaft. I tried to get this out of the bag for years, but the small head and playability of shots kept it in there. Tried a Nike t40 3 wood for a while but went back to the Titleist. As you can see I don't like changing my 3 wood too often. And this M2 will stay in the bag for a while. Nothing wrong with it. Then the hybrid, that switches out of my bag, between that and a Taylor made gapr lo, set at a 1 iron, with an xtra stiff shaft for stinger shots. (That has a 7° launch and a load of run, great for links driving) while the hybrid stays in for non windy days, due to the high launch and high angle of approach for stopping on greens. The irons were a couple of months wait. I got fit for them back in march while Ireland was still in lockdown and courses were closed. But I went for a second fitting in June, and they arrived from England a month later (after a few calls to the Mizuno rep). Was looking for a combo set, as I like bladed irons and smaller head sizes, especially on the scoring irons. Tried Taylor made p7MC and loved them, tried the jpx, not a fan. Couldn't get a combo of the Taylor made irons in Ireland. Last two sets were the Titleist 731pm Phil Mickelson combo iron set, and the Nike forged pro combo iron set, and I appreciated the little bit more forgiveness in the long irons. These feel like butter and have the same head profile as the Nike blades, so it was a no brainer. Loved the feeling of the KBS $ taper, and suited my fast tempo swing, ( got about 6 yards more on average using the c taper lite, but dispersion increased too) kept the gapping solid for me, so $ taper it was! Onto wedges: Vokey Vokey Vokey! I've been using them since the 200 series. Just being playing around with different bounces on them over the years. Only thing might sway me is one of the full groove face wedges like the PM grind or the high toe. Need to drop the length of these soon though, swing weight is a bit high. The putter: Ah the Nike Method converge b1-01. Bought in a store last year for 35$. Since Nike don't make clubs anymore. Just bought this to use at home on a putting mat. Usually play with a Scotty Cameron Red X 35" but I was missing a lot of puts recently, so this aligns better, even though it may not feel as good. Hoping to upgrade to either a Scotty Newport 2, if I see one up for sale, or the Odyssey tru align two ball. Who knows? Definitely not an arm lock one anyways Not too many stories there, but at least you know how I got around to making some of my decisions
  3. They literally feel like butter! I had Nike forged blades before this and the feeling was noticeable. Plus they're a beauty to look at!
  4. Here's my WITB. 9.0 Taylor made Sim, project X hzrdus smoke stiff 14.5 taylomade M2 3 wood, Tensei stiff shaft Taylor made sim 3h fugikura Ventus blue stiff shaft Irons: Mizuno Mp-20 SEL 4-pw KBS $ taper, stiff shaft Wedges: Titleist Vokey sm7 52°, 56°, 60° wedge flex Putter: Nike Method converge blade. (Was gaming a Scotty red x, but wanted to try a blade again, so got this new old stock for $35, will probably get a Newport 2, if they only had the fastback in lefty!) All irons 1/2 inch longer, 1° upright, and golfpride MCC align plus 4 midsize grips, with 4 layers of grip tape Ball: Vice Pro plus gold 
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