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    Matthew replied back last night and they will be in my area in September.  We will get together then.  For now we went over settings to ensure everything was setup the way it should be based on my fitting.  All is ok there.  We also discussed ball flight and feel of the driver.  Nothing really adds up.  We will get together in September to get to the bottom of it.  

    For now, I will continue to play my old tried and true M3 and work with the PXG on the range along with my instructor to see what we can figure out.  In a few weeks we will get some GC Quad numbers like I mentioned before.  That should give some kind of direction for sure.  I will update if anything changes.

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  2. 2 hours ago, tigerpill said:

    I had the same situation. Regional fitter. Great guy and I have no doubt they will be happy to help. In my case it might mean a trip to Atlanta, but that's not a disaster. Good luck with the whole thing. You have inspired me to look into the same situation. I have been working on my swing plane and definitely making changes (hopefully for the better), so I know an adjustment will be needed.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.  I will certainly do the same.  I actually just sent an email to fitter letting him know what is going on.  I have asked if he wants to wait for GC Quad data or collect his own with Trackman.  I will update once he replies.  

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  3. 15 hours ago, 2puttbogey said:

    The pxg fitter here brings you back to check everything so I’m surprised that didn’t happen for you. He’s also very accommodating if you feel there is any issues and  see if there’s any adjustments that need to be made. So I would reach out to them and see what they can do for you. 

    Circumstance is a little different in my location.  The fitter is a regional traveling fitter.  He has a rotation for his region.  One of the disadvantages of living in a smaller area of the state.  I have no doubt they will be more than helpful figuring the issue out.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, vandyland said:

    I had a similar issue when I was fitted into a new driver and took months to get comfortable with it and replicate the numbers I saw on the launch monitor out on the course. For me, I think it came down to a few things:

    (1) I was hitting drives over and over with the club so I got used to how it felt and looked at address. On the course, I am seeing the driver fresh every 10-15 minutes and it was jarring as it set up differently than my old driver (new driver looked a bit more open at address)

    (2) I was loose and by the end of my fitting had hit like 70 drives. I was locked in with driver so my fitting looked better than I actually am on the course and I was swinging a good 5-10 mph faster because (a) there was no real fear of hitting it OB or into a recovery position like I would on the course and (b) I was loose and chasing numbers on the monitor. This bumped me into an X stiff even flow shaft which I ultimately couldn't really manage out on the course when I was swinging at 105 mph (normal swing) rather than 115 mph (loose, distance swing that isn't safe on a tight golf course). 

    Just my two cents. This story had a happy ending in that once I changed my shaft to a stiff and played a few rounds with the driver things improved. Of course, there could be a number of other factors as I was also taking lessons with a pro, etc. 

    Glad to hear yours worked out in the end.  I believe both of your points are valid for sure.  

    I talked about it with my instructor Saturday and he seems to think it is something similar to your 2nd issue.  Not in the flex so much, but the kick point.  Apparently my previous shaft had a low kick point and the new has a mid kick point.  As the shafts were gradually changing in the fitting, all was fine.  We are going to look at some GC Quad numbers during my next session, I will contact PXG once I have those.  I believe it will give both PXG and myself real data to determine what the best course of action is for driver.  


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  5. Glad to hear all positives.  As a heavily tattooed golfer, my experience has been mostly positive in recent years.  A new normal I suppose.  

    It has been years since I have encountered a "Judge Smails" on the course.  Maybe they have all moved their attention to music on the course 😂

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  6. @GIRplus3Putt and I had an exchange regarding "looks" on courses because we have tattoos.  Can anyone relate?  Have a funny story?  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Anything tattoo/golf related, let us here it.    


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  7. On 7/31/2021 at 9:12 PM, HardcoreLooper said:

    Glad to hear that.  It took a ton of work, but we're super-proud of it.


    Where are you in VA?  We have spies in NoVA, here in Richmond, and at least one in Hampton Roads.

    Southwest Va.  Roanoke/Lynchburg is probably the most known cities around me.  

  8. On 7/30/2021 at 8:41 PM, GIRplus3Putt said:

    That’s a sweet looking flat stick for sure! I do love what PXG is doing with military and first responders. I am a big supporter of both, and I always appreciate when a company is. I see some tattoos there too?? Nice to see a fellow tatted golfer! I feel like I get looks sometimes at nicer courses over my ink. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience thus far, and I hope you meet and exceed your goals on the course! 

    Oh yea, I know the looks you're referencing for sure.  I have a good laugh every time it happens.  Surprisingly, I have been engaged in more positive conversations at nicer courses than public tracks regarding the ink.  

    So far I am very happy with the setup.  Had a lesson Saturday, take away is working on not shutting the face at impact.  My coach gave me a new drill to work on.  After working on it with him during the lesson and a range session Sunday morning, I am seeing even more distance and height on the irons with good strikes.  We will see if it transfers over to the course and keep working on the drill.  

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  9. 1 hour ago, GIRplus3Putt said:

    Great unofficial sir. I have been curious about PXG for a while, and even more so since the commercials with the hype voice over. The look of the PXG line is undeniable. Very sexy clubs. That bag is pretty sick too. Do you have a picture of the putter? I don’t think I have seen a PXG putter. Hopefully they are flexible with the driver. I would imagine you won’t have any issues with getting that figured out. Would love to know how that goes though. Keep us posted!

    Thanks.  I think PXG gets a bad wrap just because they were expensive.  I don't believe you were paying for "better equipment", you were paying for status.  Is the equipment good?  From my limited use of it, yes.  In case of the irons, very good in my opinion.  I like supporting businesses who give back, Bob Parsons seems to do a lot of that.  He also seems to be no BS and a stand up guy.  I have no doubt PXG will listen to my concerns and come up with a resolution.  I am outside of the 30 day window, but we will see.  

    Here is a picture of the putter.  I love the feel and weight of it.  The PXG jumbo grip is very nice also.  I think Lamkin makes them, I would have to double check that though.  Getting the right length, loft, and style of putter can make a huge difference.  Since using the new putter, Arccos has me at +2.1 strokes putting and averaging 32.8 putts per round.  Vast improvement putting for me.  

    I am hoping to get down to a 10 hcp once the driver is figured out.  If not, I am confident in the good ole M3 for now.  


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  10. I was fitted by a PXG rep. in early May on an outdoor range with Trackman.  Once we narrowed down what worked best for me, everything was going longer and tighter.  Of course I saved a ton of cash via their full bag promotions compared to normal prices.  

    About a week later, I had my sticks.  This impressed me to say the least after hearing all the stories of people waiting weeks/months for clubs.  See the full specs in my WITB signature. 

    With the build and ship time off to a good start, I went to the range.  For full disclosure the range I went to had the grass closed, mats were used.  Same as the fitting, irons were going long and straight.  The irons being my first set of forged clubs felt butter soft and pure shots were just even better.  Mishits were noticed more than before with my old 2017 TM M1 irons.  I was seeing about a club longer than my old irons on good shots.  

    On to the fairways.  Again, results were just like the fitting.  Longer and straighter than my old 2017 M2s.  I was seeing about 5-7 yards difference.  The feel was a bit more solid than the M2s, but that could just be down to age and lots of use.  I definitely have a "fall in love" period ahead of me with the fairways.  To me and many I know, fairways are like an old pair of shoes.  Have to break them in and be comfortable with the feel.  Once you do, all is great.  Of course if you like it to begin with.  

    Driver.  Oh yes, the driver.  During the fitting all was great.  Well on the range I was seeing a totally different club.  15-20 yards short, did not feel great.  I summed it up to hitting off the rubber tees that are a little shorter than what I am used to.  

    So 8 full founds and one 9 hole round later how do I feel about the full bag now?  

    Love the irons with zero doubt.  If you have the chance to hit them, do it.  Make a decision for yourself.  From feel to distance and everything in between, I cannot say enough good things.  

    Fairways are still growing on me, the feel is very solid and stiff but the numbers don't lie.  They are working for and it is just a feel thing for me.  

    Driver....well the driver has not gotten any better for me.  I have went back to my old M3 for now.  I am planning to reach out to the PXG rep. to verify all the settings are where they should be.  Will update later about that interaction and if any change has happened.  

    Wedges and putter are very nice and I give them a thumbs up for me.  I believe these a very much feel clubs and should be tried before buying.  I went from a 52, 56, and 60 setup to a 50, 54, and 58 setup.  I do not feel comparing the two setups would be fair for distances.  Spin and feel are great.  I have picked up a lot of distance control and alignment from the putter.  Again, I won't do much comparing here as my old putter was not fitted and bought off the rack.  

    Just my two cents on PXG.  Overall I am happy with the purchase and PXG.  Hopefully we can get the driver figured out. 



    new sticks.jpg

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  11. On 7/29/2021 at 9:28 AM, Wicki said:

    How are the golf courses around everyone?  I have found public courses doing better than some private courses closeby.

    Courses around me are all pretty good right now.  Private and public seem to be doing well.   Have played in several tournaments over the last few weeks, all courses have been in great shape.  

  12. 5 hours ago, golfinnut said:


    Welcome to MGS!  You will enjoy it here.  Bunch of great guys 🙂

    I'm up in NVA ... Leesburg actually.  I see you are way down Rt 81 from me ... Daleville or Botetourt County.  I have a place down that way where I hunt.  🙂  Maybe we can meet up somewhere in between us one weekend.  Cause I'm sure there aren't many Spies down your way.  

    Welcome to the club.  Enjoy it & engage in all the forums.  There is a lot of fun to be had.

    Thanks.  I am enjoying it very much so far.  

    I guess Harrisonburg would be middle ground for us.  I hear good things about Heritage Oaks in Harrisonburg .  I have not played it myself.  I am pretty well committed until the end of August, but after that I would be open to a meetup.  

    I am definitely going to try for a meetup around September for Royal New Kent in Providence Forge Va.  Looks great and hear good things about newer management.  Being in MGS's backyard, I wouldn't think it will hard to find three other guys to make a loop.   

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    4 hours ago, FmrCaddie13 said:

    Thinking beyond the shot at hand. Whenever I lose focus I tend to dump the current shot. Was recently diagnosed with ADD so I have to work harder to stay in the moment. I try to maintain a consistent routine for every shot. I am now playing the hardest holes best as I am really dialed in but the easy holes I count on for birdie opportunities are biting me as I tend to lose focus. Same thing happens on shorter putts. Trying to develop a mental strategy to stay in the moment


    If you play with a group, try match play.  Any given shot will be as important as the next regardless of hole handicap if your opponent is still in the match.  

    Think about keeping stats, I use Arccos and it gives you very detailed info on your round.  There would be plenty of things to move your focus on throughout a round other than just score.  Instead of worrying about that birdie on a easy hole, you can aim for fairway hit, GIR, sand saves, etc... the list of possibilities is large and can always be improved on.  

    I feel your pain on the short putts.  We all get used to those gimme putts and when it matters a two footer is easy to miss.  Large percentage of us would be a couple points higher on the old handicap without those gimme putts if we are honest.  

  14. I am just getting into walking.  Bought a cheap push cart from Dick's and have a couple rounds under my belt.  I have found that I enjoy the round more and seem to play better.  If I continue to enjoy it, I can see a Moto Caddy in the future.  

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  15. One of many of mine was lack of course management.  I bought into blasting driver on every hole with the exception of par 3s.  Once I started looking for trouble areas, playing to best yardages, etc...scores got lower.  I don't worry about my buddies giving me a good ribbing for hitting 5 iron while they blast driver.  While they are dropping a ball or punching out from behind a tree, it most situations I have the last laugh hitting a nice approach shot from the fairway.  Then we all 3 putt, because of yet another personal mistake.  No putting practice.

    Of course I have had the opposite happen when they drive the green and make eagle.....  

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  16. My pro here in SW Va. offers lesson packages at discounts.  For example 45 minute lesson for non members is $60, 3 lesson package $165, and 5 lesson package $240.  The pro here uses many different training aids and GC Quad.  It would appear my area is a lot cheaper than most, but packages seem to be common and the best bang for the buck.  

    My advice would be to take a single lesson to make sure you are comfortable with whoever you decide to see.  Once you're comfortable, go for a package if offered. 

  17. 1. Seriously picked up the game 5 years ago.  Currently setting at 12, typically low to mid 80's with the random 90 something here and there.  

    2. I love the challenge, chase to improve, and that feeling of a pure shot.  It is my escape to clear the mind and focus on the game.  I cannot forget the fun and ribbing with friends.

    3. Followed the page and social media for years, finally decided to join the forum.  I currently do not know any other spies.

    4. SW Virginia.  Ashley Plantation 

    5. Several decent courses in my area.  The bad...getting playing partners to show up.

    6. Inventory manager and buyer for a building supplier.

    7. Covered in tattoos and love golf.  

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