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  1. I apologize for misstating some information. I am not attempting to switch balls due to putting or my weaker short game. Rather, I mentioned that information as some websites have pushed golf balls with better short game characteristics (e.g. Pro Vs). Really I am asking the question because it seems as if there is too much information on golf balls and which one I (and other golfers) should play. I really don't know if the Q Star Tour is the best ball for me. I have looked into switching to the Pro V1x and the Z Star, but also know that I need to actually practice a lot more to shave those 4-5 strokes off. I really appreciate everyone's feedback as I have spent the last hour or so looking at everyone's recommendation. I think I just need to play a couple of each and see what works best for me. Lastly, I only recently (this year) switched over to a different hole strategy and finding the best short game club in my bag (or at least I hope). Thanks again y'all!
  2. Hello everyone! I am having a tough time determining to switch to a new golf ball or stay with my current one. Firstly, I play a Srixon Q Star Tour. I hit it decently well off the tee and think it has solid stopping power for me. My swing speed is about 105-106 and my biggest weaknesses are wedge shots (75 yards and in) and putting, well at least those are my current weaknesses. I read the Q Star Tour review from MGS and did not realize how inconsistent the ball was. To be completely fair, I do not think the ball is the sole reason why I'm a 19 handicap. I'm a 19 handicap because I usually need to hit a 75 yard or less shot about once a hole (basically, I need to hit more GIRs to improve). I am looking to shave a few strokes off this summer and consistently shoot in the 80s. I have a few practice aids (Golf net, Launch Monitor, Perfect Putt, etc.) and usually hit balls 1-3 times a week, while playing 18 bi-weekly at worst. With that information, should I switch to a more consistent ball while looking to improve wedge shots? If so, which balls work for y'all? I do not think I am good enough to play a top tier ball (Pro V1, etc.), but want to hear y'all's opinion. I acknowledge that I need to practice more and probably improve my own shot consistency. Lastly, I don't have a ball fitter close by (70+ miles away). Again thanks for everyone's help!
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