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  1. Got my long hitting son a driver fitting at Club Champion as a birthday gift. [see pic of his specs] Went from a 10* Ping G with X-flex tour 65 stock upgrade to a 9* TS3 with Tensei CK Pro Orange TX with A1 setting. Normally hits it high so they wanted to create a more boring ball flight. ISSUE: First 2 times he used it, ball flight was low and to left. Yesterday he was a designated long driver for a hole at a First Tee event, so used his old Ping to hit 48 drives between warmup & event. All high and good shots, a few pulled left or pushed right. Then, he hit 4 drives with the TS3 and they again were lower and missing left, not really a hook. He’ll reschedule with fitter but any idea what causes this? He has a consistent swing so a mystery to me. When he picked up the club, CC said their bays were busy so he couldn’t hit any there. Crappy service for a $1200 driver!!! Thanks for any ideas.
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