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  1. Ping and Callaway were the only ones available
  2. Update. I was lucky and got an hour with both companies. Started with Callaway. Tried the apex and I didn't get much out of them. Was my fault though because my swing was garbage, of course I get the shanks during a fitting... Tried the rogue max set up as a draw bias and hit pretty well. Tried g425 irons and absolutely amazed the ball. Tried g425 driver on neutral setting and smashed it as well. Pretty close to the rogue but maybe a bit better and a bit straighter (even though it was set to neutral and not draw bias) Absolutely hate the way the 425 driver looks but think I'll out both the irons and the driver in my bag. Which is impressive because I went there wanting Callaway
  3. Is it possible to fit irons and a driver in 30 mins? I got 30 mins with Calloway and 30 with ping this weekend. I'd like to get fitted for irons and driver but I am debating just doing driver for Calloway and irons for ping, as I doubt 30 mins will be enough time to be fitted for both.
  4. Unfortunately no pxg. Gotta take when I can get during demo days at one of the ranges here.
  5. Hey guys. I ve never been fitted for clubs. I plan to this month. I am a 20 handicap but feel that doesn't accurately reflect my iron game, as my short game is garbage etc.. Anyway. I can't try a bunch of clubs because of where I live. But I'll have the opportunity to try Calloway, Titleist or Taylor made. But only one, maybe two. Not all of them. I am having a hard time deciding which brand to try, as reviews are full of different opinions. Any thoughts (I'll be getting fitted for irons and a driver)?
  6. Hey all, I've always had a hard time squaring my clubface. I ended up sort of fixing it by doing the Dustin Johnson bow at the top of my swing. At the same time, I've also started working on rotating my hips toward the target (the drill where you have a stick in the ground in front of you and another stick through your belt loops) it's making me rotate a bit more. After practicing this for a couple weeks I am now pulling my shots on short irons straight left. I've started trying to rotate my hands and close the clubface less and it seems to be working. I've literally spent 3 years trying to close the clubface and now it seems too closed? I am wondering if something weird is going on or if the fact that I am rotating my hips more is helping me close the face? More hip=less hands, less hip= more hands?
  7. A time use this? Wondering if it's worth the purchase. I heard you have to trace the ball yourself?
  8. You know. Now that I think of it I am not sure bowed wrist is the right way to explain what I am doing. Basically at address your clubface is square and the back of your hand more or less points at your target. Now when you go up to the top of your backswing the back of your hand is facing more or less straight to the right of your target. If you were to leave the back of your hand facing this way on the downswing your clubface would be wide wide open, like a knife. But ideally you want the back of your left hand to be back close to it's original spot where it faces the target, which would square the face. I often can't get back to this spot. So my idea is at the top of my backswing, square the back of my hand before the downswing so it's already set. If you see in my first pick that's more or less my backswing end. Hard to replicate it right now. And in the second pic you can see one millisecond after I just turn my hand backward to try and face behind me which in turn will face the target at impact. I am just spitballin here. You guys are the experts
  9. When I "try to hit the ball left" I am trying to over square my clubface. The feeling of trying to close my face enough that it hits left results (sometimes) in my face squaring perfectly enough. I've been looking into my idea and it seems people with fast swing speeds do this. Dustin Johnson does it. Brooks does it. Really I am just setting my impact earlier in my swing by turning my hands (like I am going to backhand the ball with my left hand. )
  10. Hey guys. I struggle with a fade on my 3 wood, slice with my driver and straight push worth my irons (straight right). Usually caused by my open face. When I am on my game and try to close my clubface to the point where I "try to hit it straight left" I can hit straight. But I am so inconsistent. Anyway, I was just swinging my club and a thought occured to me. Instead of trying to square my clubface, I am trying to square my hands (return the back of the left hand to square). I feel like this is easier to think about and easier to do because it's easier to control your hands (as they are closer to you and literally attached to you). Anyone else think of it this way?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I do hit my three wood well, I just figured with the new forgiving face technology I could hit a new one even better( my current one also has no grooves left on it, although I don't remember if it ever really did). It's just hard because I can't test before I buy here as it's not available. Really, I just wanna spend my 300$. I've had it for so long. Maybe I'll just buy some shirts or something lol.
  12. Hey guys. I have about 300$ in gift cards for the sports check. I ve been using a taylormade 3wood for about 10 years now and think it's time to upgrade. I use my 3 a lot because it typically gives me a nice fade, where my driver is a super bad slice. My driver is also a hot 15 years old, I plan on getting fitted for a new driver next time I go to a big city, I feel the new technology will help me a bit (looking at calaway). Anyway, I was debating using my money to buy a new three wood but won't be able to get fitted for it. Would that just be a waste of money? Or is there a way I can sort of fir myself? I've had this money for about a year and don't know what to spend it on. Thx.
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