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  1. Thanks for the reply! Here are a couple pictures of that area I don't see a serial number but maybe i'm not looking in the right spot. I peeled up the sticker and doesn't seem to be under there. Where else could the s/n be?
  2. Hey I'm new to the forum and really happy to be joining with my first question! I picked up a package set (hold your comments on this part for now..). I Got what's called the Cobra Speedzone-S set which is Driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-PW from GolfTown Canada. The weird part is the "Cobra King SZ Xtreme" driver that came with it has 2 differences I see right away: 1. There's no connect system in the handle 2 The driver head looks the same however there is no "infinity" symbol in the middle of the face just concentric circles like a normal face would look. (Pictures included showing the difference) So I'm wondering why would there be a difference between this driver that's called the same thing and if purchased individually? Which also begs the question are there any OTHER differences I should be aware of or did i get some cheap/junk version of this King SZ Xtreme driver? Thanks for the help in advance! I'm beginner-intermediate so the set should be decent enough just unsure about this odd-ball driver because of those differences with it. Appreciate the help!
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