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  1. Oh boy… Um, let’s travel inside my memory bank. First off was a 4-gw cobra black forged tec irons. Took my 2012 TM Rbz’s up against the new at the time, sim os irons, a Titleist set, and the cobras. No clue at the time but I think the pga ss had me in a stiff kbs $ taper. The 12’ rbz’s felt and showed same #’s as the 20’ sim os’s, the Titleist almost the same feeling and same numbers. Then the Cobra’s. 7 iron was avg 5 extra mph ball speed and felt like butter. 1 after another. The consistency was blowing me away. Baby fades, 3 yard draws on demand that were making me laugh. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Found a reputable source and bought them. They came with the dg amt white s300 black version. So, not knowing about shafts or about golf in general, I was a happy camper. Ehh!!, found out pretty quick the shafts, weight, lie, loft, grip, and even the ball makes a huge difference, especially because I’m an athlete with natural fast reflexes and body control. So, to the op…. Best 2020 purchases, I’d have to say these: perfect putter mat, my custom Mizuno Jpx921 HMP’s w/ Nippon modus3 tour 105x shafts, Callaway Epic Max LS 9*(currently w/ a Tensei pro blue TX flex tipped 1”playing at 45.5”, Evnroll erIIvr midlock putter, Taylormade Truss TM2 center shafted putter with the heavier 20 gram weights, a Scotty x5 also made heavy, Taylormade Mg2 56/12 bent to 54/10, Taylormade Tiger Mg2 60/12 bent to 59/11 both with KBS 610 r+, the precision pro R1 rangefinder!!! Ummm and all the knowledge I’ve gained, that has brought me to more knowledge, and more knowledge. This game has been literally saved my life, not ruined it. The largest of all, finding my passion that has led me to my current job as an assistant pro. I lost my wife (god rest her brilliant, amazing, beautiful soul) early 2020 that has left me with this unbelievable opportunity to work within my newfound passion. So, “GOLF in general” is my most amazing related purchase of 2020!!! still wondering if it’s saved… or ruined my life
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