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  1. Shot Scope X5 (V2 & V3 before that) and for sure it’s helped my game. Helps me work on my misses, strengths and weaknesses through strokes gained feature. Also great for dialling in my yardages. Wouldn’t be without it
  2. Congrats to all the testers, you will not be disappointed with Galway Bay. I wish you nothing but rain (in the nicest possible sense) in your future and look forward to reading your comments and reviews.
  3. I have a Big Max hybrid bag mainly for over winter as sometimes I can only walk, no carts or trolleys, but as the name suggests it can go on my push trolley if conditions allow. Great bag and good for the range as well. My main bag is a big Mizuno cart bag I use on my Clicgear most of the year simply because I can put more stuff in it than I need, plus it sits well on the push cart. Never ride as I like to walk/push.
  4. Don’t know about removal on top of old tacky tape, but if you want to easy remove the old tape (and you have one) use a heat gun and the tape peels off easy.
  5. Congrats to all. Looking forward to the reviews as I always have a space in my bulging putter collection for another.
  6. I know it’s early days only 2 rounds and a quick warm up, but I like what I’m seeing and feeling. Thinking back and comparing with the Pure grips I used to play with I’d say they are better, softer and the material seems better quality. I’ll have a look as I may have an old Pure I could quickly put on to compare, just need to think where. I don’t think you regret trying these, plus the cost doesn’t look to prohibiting to try, you could always blow them off and sell?
  7. I did play yesterday and was hoping to post videos as promised, but as it transpired the friend (playing partner) I was drafting in to video, Steven (Spielberg), pulled out last minute with some lame excuse he had to film something else. I don’t know sounded like Jaws 10 or Indiana Jones And The Curse Of The Golf Gods. No seriously even worse it was our 1st comp of the year Stableford Pairs and for some reason the other 3, my partner included was taking it all a bit to serious. Anyway the grips played consistent like the previous day - baby draw Tour Star and Green Sidewinder and baby fade on Orange Sidewinder (I was ready for that on my wedges) so 2 rounds in and they are behaving pretty damn good and confident to go for my shots. I’m really enjoying the soft feel, cannot fault them. The green and orange got good feedback from the guys, they loved the bright colours.
  8. For sure take it easy and at least putting on the new grips is easy and doesn’t take any effort. I hope your recovery goes well.
  9. I’ll be interested on this as the season goes on and if it ever warms up in the UK as I don’t wear a glove on partial wedge shots, from about 60 yards in, just like to feel the club on these shots. Now my hands don’t sweat not that I notice (never really gets warm enough ) plus the cord on the upper hand of the MCC probably helps so hopefully the Sidewinder behaves.
  10. @Prodigal Duffer yep Tour Star is reduced taper and Sidewinder traditional. The Sidewinder is supposed to be firmer, but to honest I found them pretty similar with both being soft.
  11. @Rob Person the blue is Star Grip’s Tour Star same rubber compound as the green and orange Sidewinder. The wrap is not too pronounced, but enough to give a subtle feedback when gripping. Nice and soft and the built in reduced taper works for my preferred feel on the lower hand.
  12. Quick range warm up before my round today and putting the new Star Grips in to hands of the "Golf Gods" - well ok into my hands. 1st feel on the Green Sidewinder (plus 4 layers tape) felt natural, very tacky. Next quick test was get the grip wet - now normally I'd just towel it down, but for the review I repeated the above. Whilst not stupidly slick I certainly wouldn't want to swing the club. So towel dry and try again. The grip was back to superglue - very impressed. Next was to get a feel for the grip in my normal gloved setup and this was the part I found really interesting - you could hear the tackiness (hope it comes out in the audio). Also the feel in my lower right hand was as I hoped compared to the Golf Pride MCC Plus4. Moving onto the Tour Star (already reduced taper) - I like the softness and the slight feedback of the wrap. Hitting this was great very much like my previous gamers - but as a I said I really liked the softness in the hands and the reduced taper felt no different. The slight wrap gave me a reference point for my hands. Lastly and this was the one I was thinking could be the big difference - no tape build up on the Orange Sidewinder. Now this did feel odd compared to my usual setup. I could feel the the taper and it wasn't a complete NO!!! Actually it played fine, but did give a surprising result - maybe someone could explain this. My normal shot shape is a baby draw - has been for what seems like forever; in fact I fight a bit of a hook which was my original reasoning for moving to the build up tape in the lower hand and then to the Plus4 grips. However on the no tape Sidewinders I was getting a bit of a natural fade maybe 5 yards and somewhat consistent. I did feel like I was griping a bit more on the lower hand or wrapping my hand around more. Anyway I did play a full 18 with them and yes the Tour Star and Green Sidewinders performed very well still got the baby draw, soft in the hands. I couldn't fault them. The orange stayed with the slight fade, but once I'd got my head around this I coped. I'll give the orange and few more weeks in this setup to compare with the tape, but may just have to blow them off and put the tape on just so I'm back to "normal". All in all for a 1st quick range test and the 1st round with them I'm liking what I seeing and feeling. I'm back out tomorrow so will try and get some playing videos done - Steven Spielberg my playing partner has been drafted in for the arty movie shots and to obviously make me look good. Later y'all!!
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