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  1. Hope this is allowed as couldn’t pick one club, but I do regret not holding onto my original set of Ping Eye 2s
  2. V2 was good and stable; some said it was a bit big and whilst it was you got used to it. So yes the V3 is more Apple Watch size (screen is actually bigger than V2) and is just that bit more comfortable. The colour screen features are better than the monochrome and the overall usability is better. I found the V3 a bit glitchy at first, but since the latest firmware upgrade much better and as stable as V2. Battery life is a big improvement and for me worth the upgrade. I actually think connection to the tags is better; less missed shots. The change to 4 buttons from 5 whilst not looking like it’s a big deal in usability just seems more intuitive. Also I think it interacts with the App better. More courses preloaded so less to do before your round - I’m looking for a home course so trying a lot out and I just turn up and the V3 has it there. Overall if you can get a good deal on price go for it you won’t be disappointed.
  3. https://mygolfspy.com/getting-it-right-adidas-golf-shoes/ Kind of in response to the above post and I'm in need of help with this addiction. Although have to say they are all great shoes, comfy and work. I like to mix and match my shoes with what I'm wearing and to fit with my mood for the day . Oh just noticed there is an all black pair of Codechaos missing - now where have they gone. Too many shoes and not even counting my couple of pairs of Footjoy.
  4. Here's my latest purchases - only hope they make a difference; so far so good. The Puttout is a great tool for dialing in your stroke or for me looking to see which putter will stay in the bag. The Shotscope V3 is just because I'm a data geek - working on my gaps and yardages, seeing where I need to work harder or what is working good.
  5. I was going to pick my "old trusty" 3w, just never leaves my bag - never been able to find something to kick it out. It defends itself with a tenacious passion so given that I'm going to say "Wedges" - my Glide 3.0 54* is just such a goto club. It gets me out of trouble and is great for attacking the green with a variety of shots; full, partial, low punch, flops and gives me all the confidence I need in the sand. In all honesty close call between the 54* and 58*. I tried a few other brands when looking to replace my Vokeys and the Glide 3.0 just kicked ass over the RTX4 and the MD4; both great wedges to be true, but the Ping inspired confidence. The Pings are going nowhere without a fight.
  6. Live in Brighton UK and after a 9 year hiatus I’m back playing again. Playing off 14 and hoping to get back to single figure (was off 7). Haven’t joined anywhere yet, but enjoying “trying” out many courses looking for a home.
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