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  1. Bought the Pyramid Mallet putter. My thoughts, first impression it felt funny. The putter head was too light, not good feel for pendulum putting stroke. Putter head is very small, about 1/2 inch shorter than current putter, so it didn’t feel very forgiving. I agree with previous posts, putter head looks like cheap cast and painted like something from Walmart. Performance, ball did get a nice roll off club face and gearing effect did seem to effect off center putts, but due to poor feel, distance control was very inconsistent. Overall, I feel this putter is a good idea, just poorly designed and manufactured. NOW A WARNING, money back guarantee was a joke, they made me pay return shipping cost and deducted their shipping cost off money returned to me. Not a very complete money back guarantee, but I am sure they have had quite a few returns. My Advice: Don’t Buy
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