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  1. I've actually been near more dangerous things such as a copperhead snake or on fire ant hills that I've been in divots...matter of fact, I can't even remember the last time I've hit in a divot or if I have
  2. I’m not attached to any club so much that I’d buy a backup. If I played competitively for a living I would. I swapped out my whole bag this year and I don’t really see a difference except the putter but that’s just because of how I can align it compared to my old one. if something happened to any club replacing it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’m pretty much the same as Bostonsal. I’ve played with all kinds of shafts and don’t see a huge difference between them all. I’ve never been fitted though so maybe there’s a big difference I’m missing. I just usually go with a mid flight shaft and call it good. I did get a sim ti 3 wood with a 2nd gen Rogue silver stiff shaft. It was much more stiff than I was used to but dang I hit that thing well.
  3. How many times do you guys see pros end up in a divot? I don’t watch a ton of golf these days but I hardly ever see the pros end up in one.
  4. Been working everyday on my pitching. That’s been the weakest part of my game. Trying to really use the bounce of my wedges more. Making progress but it’s slow going
  5. I recently swapped out my entire bag lol. Replaced some old wedges and got a 50 and 54 Sm8 to go with my 58 Sm8. Swapped out my old TM R9 TP 3w to a TM Sim Ti 3w. Had some Apex Pro 2019 irons I bought end of last year that I finally started playing. Thought I needed them bent but didn’t. They’re replacing my 2007 X-forged irons. Replaced a TM 3 hybrid with a Titleist Tsi2 18* hybrid. Replaced an old Scotty Studio 3.5 putter with an Odyssey Ten S. Then said what the heck and bought a Cobra Radspeed to replace a Callaway Rogue Subzero. The two best swaps were the putter and 3w. I couldn’t line up my Scotty to save my life. The 3w is a little longer but also has a stiffer shaft and I no longer hit pulls like I used to. The driver was the worst decision lol. I might sell it
  6. So I got this idea the other day and decided to try it. If you have an iPhone and another Apple device, you can Facetime yourself. Set the phone either down the line or head on, then set the other apple device on the ground in front. You can then see positions in your swing as you would if using a LiveviewPro. I'm sure there's probably some differences but it works quite well for checking positions. Sometimes it can get choppy but works great and cost me nothing.
  7. I say play it. I’m not big on collecting things. I’d rather invest that money in something else that will grow if that’s the case. Life’s too short to not enjoy things so play it!
  8. I just went through this. I need to post some pics of my bag. I had some old Callaway X-forged irons (2007) that I changed out to some 2017 Apex Pros, swapped an old Taylor Made r7 TP 3w to a Sim Ti, swapped an old TM tp 3 hybrid to a Titleist TiS2 18* hybrid, swapped an old Scotty Studio Design 3.5 to a 2021 Odyssey Ten S, and lastly changed some older edges to Vokey SM 8 wedges. The wedges I went 50* F grind 8* bounce, 54* S grind 10* bounce, and 58* M grind 8* bounce. I haven’t swapped my driver yet but going to test a Radspeed. I think the other changes I made were good because the older clubs weren’t as forgiving but I don’t think the driver will do much for me. I’m hoping it will be more forgiving but I’ll find out soon enough. The biggest change is my 3w and putter. The new 3w is longer and straighter and the putter is so much more forgiving on mishits and sooooo much easier to line up. I feel so much more confident in my putting.
  9. Are all Prov1s 4 layers? Or did that make a 3 layer Prov? I’ve always stayed away from those for exactly what you said. Plus I can walk in the woods for an hour or so and find more than enough premium balls haha
  10. So I cut a Prov1, a refurbished Prov1, and a refinished Prov1. Is the refurbished one actually a Prov1 as it doesn’t have the extra core layer?
  11. Can anyone tell me the differences between these two besides cosmetics? The 2021 version they’ve filled in the holes of the head but is there any other differences like forgiveness? I can’t seem to find much info between these two and the Pga Superstore is selling them both at the same price.
  12. This is perfect timing. I’ve been looking at these really hard lately so I can keep better track of my stats. I’ve been practicing a bunch and taking lessons. I feel like this would help me progress faster. I’m fortunate to get to play quite a bit and would love to get picked!
  13. I currently play a Rogue Subzero 9* with Project X Hzrdus Yellow 75 Stiff shaft. I've never been fitted but landed on this one and hit it pretty well. Would a more current driver offer anything more than the Subzero? I'm not talking about distance really because I'm sure most heads are similar. I'm talking more about things like forgiveness and stability.
  14. I’m currently playing a Rogue Subzero 9* with a Project X Hazardous Yellow Stiff shaft. I had thought about going to a Mavrik standard. Any input on whether there would be any significant gain either in distance or performance? I can trade and only be out about $50 I typically don’t venture too far off of the center of the club and have about a 265-270 yard carry.
  15. This is a dream testing opportunity! I’d love to be picked, especially after a rough year already of being diagnosed with and beating cancer. I’m very detailed and would be dedicated to giving extensive feedback. I’m also self employed as a photographer. So not only could I add high quality photography and video to my testing abilities, but I’m also able to play quite a bit of golf to put the irons through their paces.
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