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  1. Like Project X shafts for the most part. Although the last few sets of irons I ran KBS Tour V. In fitting, the Proj X LS 6.0 has noticeably better feel than anything else I hit and numbers were great, so my 923 Tours are fitted with those. Stealth 2+ was good with the stock gen 4 Hzdous, but the dispersion with the Ventus black was much better, so I ate the cost and ordered one. 3 wood and 3 Hybrid are both running Hzdous Smoke black. Wedges KBS Tour V. When I do the next set of wedges I will change to the Proj X LS, although I may mess around with the new Fuji Axiom as I am really impressed with the Ventus/Velocore.
  2. JPX 923 Tours on the way. Should be here next week. Spent several hours on driver fitting. Know it will be Stealth 2+ but still wavering on shaft. Stock Hzadus Black Gen 4 is producing solid numbers, but going to spend a little more time with Ventus Blue and Black. Probably will just order with the stock shaft and maybe order an additional shaft after I figure it out. Doing the Rypstick speed training deal right now and it is increasing speed, so part of me thinks I should wait and see how much speed I pick up and whether it will translate to the course.
  3. Play and practice a lot. I usually change out wedges every two years. Sometimes more often. I go more by feel and performance than rounds played or time. Or if something new comes out I want to try. LOL, I have about 30 wedges in a bag in the garage, occasionally after a wedge performs badly they get placed in there and replaced with something else....because I am sure it was the wedges fault and not my execution.
  4. At one point used a old Vokey 60/4 for all chips, really any shot inside 75 yards. Hit everything high with spin. Practiced using that club all the time. Got really good at using it. Left that club on a green on vacation and have never found one I like as much. These days carry 50/8 54/12 58/4 but almost chip exclusively with the 54. I use the 58 primary for full approach shots inside 100 yards. Try to keep the ball lower these days with some roll out on chips. One of my goals this year is to practice chips and pitches with less loft and get good at using different clubs for different shots. Trying to keep the ball low more often. Big change from my old technique, but gradually have been moving in that direction. Plan on buying new wedges this year when more get released. Might skip any form of "lob" wedge and throw my old 2 iron back in the bag.
  5. Interesting discussion. I live in a rural area with not many options, so drove to the city to do the fitting. I did the full CC build on my last set about 5 years ago. Whole bag. Could have bought a decent used car...I have some unusual swing needs mainly around where I load a shaft and generally more weight = more speed for me. Looking to reduce spin and height through the bag, so at the time needed to try a bunch of different shafts. I ended up in the same iron shaft I was playing...which was funny to me. The fitting itself was a great experience and I spoke to my fitter often about tweaking clubs and he would bend stuff for me whenever I was over in the the city and could stop by. He left, and I did a wedge fitting with a different guy a couple years ago. Then he left and I did a putter fitting with someone else. See the pattern. All did good work but the first fitter I got to know and he knew my swing and it was easy to dial stuff in. Since it is a 2+ hour drive and the cost started to outweigh the benefit, I have since moved to figuring it out myself. Last year I did woods. My buddy has a fore sight simulator at his shop, so borrowed some heads and shafts from the local golf store--I know the guy well. Dialed in a head with a stock shaft that performed great all season. Ordered directly from Callaway. So I wanted new irons and only had two on the list. Mizuno Pro 225 or Apex Pro. At 55 with arthritis I wanted to go forged hollow head and graphite. So we ordered in a few shafts, hit a few balls and just ordered them direct from Callaway. Little lead tape and tour lock counter balance to add some weight to the graphite shafts and love the feel and playability so far. Only played a couple sim rounds and one round on real grass yet, but I know I will make these work. I did do a lot of research on graphite irons shafts. Tons of reading on different forums and that narrowed down what might work for me. Oh ended up the the Apex 21 Pro with Catalyst 100 shafts. Big believer in fitting, but at some point you know your swing characteristics and that should narrow down potential options. With all the tech that is available these days, it is easier to do this work on your own and honestly quite a bit more fun.
  6. Lol, that is awesome. We live on the 11th hole at Apple Tree. My home club. Love living on the course I can jump in my cart and get some practice holes most nights except in the winter. I will look into Cathedral City. Did not even know they had another location in the region. Cimarron is a great track. Heard great things about Indian Canyon but have not played it.
  7. Terra Lago for the most part since we stay right next door in the condos. But I usually hit a couple other courses during the week. Try to hit PGA West for at least one round. Wife cannot manage the harder courses well so those are generally solo or pair up with strangers rounds. Not looking good here so I may have a long layoff from playing when we go.
  8. @vandylandboy can I relate to your situation. Thanks for posting your story and the data of your practice sessions. This year has been terrible on the greens. 4 handicap giving up 4-5 strokes on average on the greens a round. Great year for ball striking though...I think I tried 12 different putters this year. I have a nice collection of Scotty's but most are blades with lots of toe hang. For most of my golf life I have been above average putter and putting was a strength. Got the yips this spring and was routinely missing 3 footers. Got so bad, I would rather have a 10 footer than a 3 footer. So I did what any crazy golfer would do, buy more equipment. On top of that, tried about every technique known to man. Here is the list: 50 inch broom style, SIK 45 inch arm lock, Scotty T22 Newport II 37 inch, Scotty Phantom X 5.5 (JT), Scotty GoLo 5, Several old vintage Scotty's, Scotty Futura X7 38 inch, Taylor Made Spider EX, SIK Pro 37 inch. Multiple grips changes, grips, set ups. Heads up, left hand low, pencil, saw, traditional....even tried putting left handed. Finally snowed here so practicing on a perfect practice mat. Trying to stick with something, so most consistent visually (where the putter face and track is and how the ball is rolling and of course going in the hole) is the Futura X7 which is the only face balanced putter I own with min toe hang. Super stroke 2.0 XL grip, using the pencil grip. I seem to be able to keep the face on my line the most consistent with this set up. No yips. I have used it before on the course and see improvement 10 feet and I, but historically have struggled with longer putts with mallets. I did order a Odyssey Two Ball Ten 38 inch/2 upright which it total face balance and no toe hang, which will be here in a few weeks. I hate giving up the feel I have with a blade putter, especially the trillium putters, but I need performance over feel at this point. Will continue to practice until the snow melts or until the wife and I get to Palm Springs in February. Come spring, practice, practice, practice on all lengths until I get comfortable with the set up. I know I need to stick with something though. Golf buddies are always cracking jokes about what putter and technique I will be using today. What kind of launch monitor are you using to track your putting?
  9. Gorgeous clubs. Hard to beat a Mizuno iron. Last 3 sets of irons are Mizuno. Currently using either JPX 900 forged or MP20 MMC. I like the looks of these and it seems Mizuno is really working on flexibility for combo sets. We will see what my specs look like, but I am leaning heavy towards a combo set next time. Maybe all three models in a set. HMB long irons, MMC middle and blades in short irons. I need to do some work on a monitor anyways. Would love to find a graphite/steel fiber shaft that works for me. As I age the arthritis gets worse every year. Need something a little easier on the hands but that I can still flight down.
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