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  1. I've been going to the range after work a few times this week and I can't even explain how happy I've been with the results. It's been the weirdest feeling for me to step up and not have 100 thoughts going through my head. Somewhat related to this, I think it's time to cut ties with the coach I've been working with for the past year. Nothing against him as an instructor, but it has been causing too many problems in my game. I've purposely not taken any video the last few trips to the range because I know that from a technical side my swing has flaws, but I'm getting to a place where I'm accepting that my swing is my swing.
  2. Well, not much faster, but consistent. 108 on all three swings today. Small improvement with very little work put in so far. Hoping to see the bigger gains once the program transitions to the later phases.
  3. All clubs in my bag are safe for the foreseeable future, but the grips are likely to get axed sooner rather than later. The standard PXG grips just aren't my favorite and I really want to go back to the SuperStroke Claw grip on the putter. The one questionable spot in the bag is the 3W, not because I have a problem with it, but more that at my usual course, I don't have a lot of need for it. There are a number of holes where driver and 3W off the tee are too long because of the dog legs, but only one hole where driver is too long off the tee, so the 3W sees at most usually two shots a round. I like the 3W and can usually hit it fine, but unless I start going to some other courses frequently, it's just an extra weight in the bag for the most part. One thing I really need to do for the upcoming season is decide on a single ball and use it consistently instead of changing every few rounds to "try something different". Hate to say it, but the coach I had been working with is definitely on the chopping block as of now.
  4. Not entirely wrong in my opinion, but you also have to keep in mind that some people won't realistically be able to hit balls due to weather, etc. Not to mention the effects of temperature on ball speed. Using dry swings with no ball is a way to normalize the field there with what is available to everyone. It also kind of sets a ceiling on potential speed. I would guess that most would see some level of speed decrease whenever a ball gets in the way of a swing.
  5. Overall opinion is that as expected, both are very good. The height of the 348 works a little better for me since getting height on the driver is one of my concerns, but I could play either one. I like the flight and spin of the 348 a little better, but that clicky sound annoys me a bit. It's fun to see the 388 spin back with the wedges, but it leaves me longer putts because I'm not used to that action. The durability of the covers on both have been better than a lot of balls I've tried, taking some abuse in the practice bunker without much damage showing. As far as my personal opinion, I would make the 348 my gamer and adjust to the sound, but I'm cheap and for my current level, there is not *that* much difference between these and some of the other options. I absolutely will say that I like the 348 better than say the Maxfli Tour X, but at almost twice the cost, the diminishing returns kicks in and it's simply not twice as good for me. If I happened to get a job like one of the guys I got paired up with last weekend that gets balls provided by his company for free, I would absolutely switch to the 348 for the performance. But for my money, there are better options from a price/performance ratio standpoint.
  6. Took both balls to a nearby short 9 hole course (mostly par 3s with 2 pars 4s). Longest hole is 400 yards, but six of the holes are under 110 yards. The height difference off the driver is impressive to see how much higher the 348 goes. I even see some extra height off the irons, though it's not as pronounced. I didn't take anything longer than my 5-iron today and would likely pick a ball based on the short game more than how it performs off the tee. As far as the head to head goes, the 348 beat out the 388 by one stroke, but it was back and forth throughout. The 388 spun back more than I am used to on a number of the full wedge shots, but nothing I couldn't adjust to. I actually had earphones in the whole time listening to music and couldn't "feel" any real difference between the two balls. My perception of the "feel" difference is almost entirely dependent on the sound difference between the two.
  7. I've been busy with work trying to get things taken care of before my vacation week and then had the kids all week so I haven't hit a ball since the last round I played. Best I could do today was to set up the net in the yard and take some swings. It was a very uneventful practice session. Basically hit 3 or 4 half punch shots, then one full swing trying to work on feeling like the arms stay back as long as possible and allowing the rotation to bring them around rather than trying to create all the speed in my arms. On an unrelated note, I feel like I definitely have a visual connection in my swing that I have to figure out how to get over. The tendency of my brain is to "hit" the target I'm looking at rather than swinging through and sending the ball to a distant target. The fact that I'm usually looking at the front tip of the ball translates to my body trying to release the club and bottom out the swing right at the front of the ball. This can have varied results depending on the day. Today I just messed around with finding a spot that was a different color to focus on about 4 inches in front of the ball. Felt weird to swing and not really see the ball, but in some ways it helped. Hopefully things will cooperate and I can get out on the course next week while I'm off work.
  8. Nobody near me had them in stock, so I got lazy and ordered three different sizes to try when I experimented with them. Not the feel for me personally. Their sizing would fit me into a Large grip, but that hurt my hands quite a bit. The small was better as far as a fit for me, but I just really didn't like the feel of the grip. It reminds me of Winn grips and I have never gotten along with them. Also, the feel of the clubs get a little weird depending on the model because of the weight of the grips.
  9. Heating went out last week. HVAC was finally able to check it out on Tuesday and found a cracked heat exchanger and it needs a new motor. Now it's in the landlord's hands to decide what to do about it. In the meantime, it has been getting down into the 30s at night so the house has been a bit cold in the morning. Nothing like many of you in colder climates, but enough to be uncomfortable and bring out the anger in the wife and kids.
  10. It's possible, but the score was just overall better with the V1x, even though I have more experience with the front 9. My course has three different 9's and we ended up playing a different 9 than I usually do for the back. I felt like I was swinging better on the front 9, but scored better on the back. If I had to guess, it probably is mostly just that the 348 rolls out a bit more on the greens and my unfortunate tendency is to come up short on chips and pitches anyway. Left myself easier times finishing out with the 348.
  11. Got out to play 18 before the sun went down yesterday. Played the 388 on the front and 348 on the back. It was a little cool in the 40s and 50s throughout the round with 5-10 mph winds most of the day. I'm not a fan of the clicky sound of the 348 off the wedges and putter, but at the end of the day, it was a good amount longer off the tee and I scored better with it. Comparing best drives on each side, the 348 had one that was 17 yards longer, but the 388 did have the highlight shot of the day on the par 3 5th. Back 9 was 4 shots better than the front, so even though I like the sound and feel of the 388 better, the results seem to favor the V1x for me.
  12. Took a few dry swings after my range session yesterday. Up a few mph to 107 now with no real training so far. Considering this followed a gym session, PT appointment, and range session, I like seeing some small improvement so far.
  13. I was advised not to do any speed training for the first 6-8 weeks of the program I'm currently going through. Apparently I'm supposed to learn to swing correctly and use all of my body instead of just my hands before we start worrying about ramping up the speed. Realistically, I'm expecting to see a decent bump from the movement sequencing alone. My current issue is that my arms outrace the torso, so my chest rotation is from the arms pulling me around instead of the torso pulling the arms. We will see. I know I've been focusing on trying to keep my arms as patient as possible at the range and so far I'm starting to see an extra club or more of distance with a few recent tweaks. It's a struggle for me to fully click with the idea that swinging hard has nothing to do with swinging fast.
  14. Went to the range yesterday to try some things out and it felt extremely strange. Learned plenty of things from the K-vest analysis I had done a few weeks ago, so I'm starting to work on fixing the timing of things. Also turns out that I was way too close to the ball. Like, 5 inches too close, so that put a lot of things out of order. Found out that I was setting up something like 12 degrees open as well. It was just a mess. So went about taking easy swings focusing on setting up the correct distance from the ball, doing everything in my control to feel like I was lengthening my spine, setting up more square, and going from there. Hit a few off the toe to start, but was starting to get it figured out. It felt like it was helping to allow me to turn through the shot rather than flipping at the ball, but I didn't get any video. The person I'm working with mentioned that my game may take a bit of a dip while we start to work on physical limitations so I don't want to be overthinking the swing too much right now. Just stick to working on basics and setup and if the ball goes the right direction great, if not, it will get there. Plenty of places to make improvements.
  15. Likely stupid, but legitimate question. Are we going with playing speed or "let it rip" speed. I ask because last week I had another session and when hitting drives, my swing speed was averaging 95mph, and I know a huge part of this is mental and sequencing. We also took the ball away and took some swings. Basically, just swing for the fences with no worries about the consequences. Three of those swings averaged 104.7. That's a fairly large difference for my starting speed. Feel free to change my starting speed if that makes more sense. I'm honestly just not sure if this is all about max speed, or actually useful playing speed?
  16. Took some time at the range today to see where my swing was at. As expected, things weren't too good. Nothing too horrible, just a work in progress. In the first stages of working on things, so it's expected for things to be out of sync until I can reorganize the new movements. Just mostly taking easy swings and focusing on a few specific things. After that spent some time with the Titleist proto balls over on the putting green and short game areas. I'm in a weird spot on those things. I prefer the feel and especially sound of the 388 (ProV1), but it would honestly be a much bigger adjustment to the extra spin compared to the 348 (ProV1x). The 348 just has a bit of a harsh clack sound to me, but I like how it performs in the short game. I'm used to some roll out, so it's closer to what I am familiar with, but I definitely like the tactile experience of the 388 better. I've been dealing with sick kids at home so haven't had the chance to play some full rounds with them yet. I suspect that the V1x will be a better performing ball for me, but we will see how it goes. Durability has been good on both balls with them only showing small amounts of damage after taking some abuse from the wedges.
  17. So to give a small piece of info, I'm going to be working with a physical therapist nearby that specializes in sports performance and primarily golf. To start with, we went through the MyTPI assessment and used a K-vest to get all of the important pieces of my swing measured. It was not a good swing day for me, but it did show the areas where I need work. The first couple of weeks are going to be mostly various stretches to increase general mobility, then moving into working on strengthening the necessary stabilizers for the golf swing. Finish up some overall specific strength training. The whole program is going to be 12 weeks, so my game will probably take a hit for the first few weeks until I can relearn to sync the swing up with the newer movement. Sequencing my swing should give me a solid speed boost even without the other pieces, so it will be fun to see where I can get to.
  18. I'm assuming the numbers are correlating to the dimples also. It's pretty easy to tell the 348 ball has more of the larger dimples compared to the 388 ball that has more of the smaller dimples to fit the surface area. Whether they will perform very differently for me remains to be seen, but I did like the 348 better on just some initial hits.
  19. Had the same grip on my old putter. Realistically just waiting for an excuse to put it on the new one as well. I really like the claw-specific grip even though I'm a pretty recent convert to that style of putting.
  20. Hit some shots into the net today thinking about some the items from yesterday's assessment. I'm hoping to continue working with the person, but it is quite pricey. Still have to see how the boss feels about that. Struggled at the start a bit and then found something that worked today. One thing from yesterday was a bit of a flat shoulder plane on the back swing. Usually my thought is left shoulder down under the chin, but for whatever reason that ended up translating to left shoulder raising up trying to touch my chin, which is causing the flat shoulder plane and throws everything off. Today I shifted the focus on getting the right shoulder back and up, and it straightened things out a bit. Once I felt that feeling to set things up a bit better, I didn't want to try to tweak too many things so worked on setting up better (another note from the assessment) and just swinging with a smooth tempo at what felt like 20%. Hit the white box Titleist balls against the Maxfli Tour X just to get a sense of the feel differences. Little different sound coming from each ball, but all feel good. Interesting that I had a few shots with the 348 proto that showed a serious jump in ball speed compared to the other two. Need to take them out to the local Par 3 course and test them head to head soon.
  21. Got a baseline for this earlier today. It's not where I should be, but it's where I am at currently. Log me for a starting average speed of 95 mph. Hoping to get closer to 110 by the end of this.
  22. Feel free for everyone to correct me, but I believe that we are aiming for top speed. The assumption that actual playing speed will be less than the absolute top speed. The original post says average 3 swings without ball. Some participants may not be realistically able to hit balls due to the area they live.
  23. I also have the PRGR to check speed with. For the most part it is relatively close, but it does give the odd weird reading. It seems to pick up swing speed without a ball with very little trouble, sometimes the ball is what causes the problem. I've noticed it can also be a little finicky about interference from other devices. The numbers tend to be a bit more erratic if I have earbuds in listening to music for example. I have the SuperSpeed protocol I can follow, but I'm also going to be working with a separate program that I will go into some more detail on once I get the information on Friday. Will have to discuss whether the SuperSpeed protocol would be a good thing to follow or if I should focus on the changes that we might be making first. Going to require some work on my part for sure.
  24. Why not, I'll join in. I will get some baseline numbers tomorrow during my assessment. I'm probably going to also create a separate topic to document my newest investment into my game which should be starting tomorrow. Hoping for some extra speed is just a part of that, so we will see where it can go. I'll have a bit more of an idea what all will be involved in the process for me after the initial meeting.
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