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  1. I dislike having to share my negative experience however I am going through the same ordeal that many others note. I ordered my irons April 23rd and was told 5-7 weeks which at the time I thought was way too long to wait. Its now been two months and I just received an email saying that the target date is July 6th. In Chicago we will probably have snow in October so I've missed half the season. The fitting process was amazing, really enjoyed it so I have nothing but great things to say about that experience. However none of my friends waited 10 1/2 weeks for fitted clubs even at the height of Covid so I clearly picked the wrong place to order from. I am thinking about cancelling the charge with my credit card company. The Club Champion sales order says no cancellations allowed- any comments on that process if anyone disputed their charge with their bank to get a refund?
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