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  1. Thanks to everyone for their comments and recommendations. I will take all of this to heart when I refit my implements of desperation soon...
  2. I'm looking to buy some new irons, and the TS-1 caught my eye. I ordered a 3-iron head with a TT XL Lite taper shaft in stiff to see how it performed for me. If it fits my eye (and swing), I'll be buying more, as well as (maybe) a Steelfiber shaft to see how it works for me. Basic description: I am 65, was shooting in the very low 80's with an occasional foray into the 70's until the pandemic put me on a general hiatus. I had been playing TaylorMade M4 irons, but I had no feel with them, leading me to just start whaling away at the ball. I recently went back to an old set of KZG ZO irons (4-PW) with TX-90 stiff shafts, to remind me when I was not hitting the sweet spot. These irons have been bent to be 2 degrees stronger than original. I normally hit the ZO 7-iron between 145-165 yards, depending upon shot shape. I recently added KZG TRS wedges - 50, 54 and 58 - with Dynamic Gold stiff shafts to the bag, but haven't been overjoyed with the distance and dispersion and may go back to my ZO GW and SW instead, or seek out new wedges entirely. Here are my questions: Do the TS-1 PW and GW heads follow a good progression as far as distance, compared to the rest of the set? Are they capable of producing good backspin with premium balls? I use Srixon Z-star/Z-star XV as a general rule, but I have been known to hit Vice Pro Plus balls as well... Also, any knowledge about Steelfiber shafts paired to TS-1 heads would be appreciated. Finally, any suggestions or recommendations of Maltby wedges, anyone?
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