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  1. I prefer to walk whenever I can. I just think it's an overall better experience. Also it gives me a chance to calm down when I do something stupid. I say whenever I can because some courses just aren't conducive to it. There are a couple around me where the distance from a green to the next tee take minutes to drive, let alone walk.
  2. There's one thing I'd like to add to this. Someone earlier pointed out that workability means launch conditions (spin and trajectory) as well as curvature. "Feel" doesn't just mean the sensation of a strike, but also precision. With an MB you can better feel when a strike is minutely off-center, and that allows them to identify and correct a problem earlier on.
  3. I practice more at home than I actually have time to play at this point (mainly mat/net/Rapsodo, and <100 yard shots around the farm). I've been looking at BirdieBall indoor mats to replace the simple runner/return putting set up I have, but I'm really intrigued by the idea of an outdoor putting area. I'm sure my chances of being a tester are nil as I'm new here, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for the reviews.
  4. Here's how I see the whole anchoring debate: There is a group of people traveling around playing for more than a million dollars a week for a win, let alone the rest of the purse money. If it truly was an advantage, the majority of them would be doing it. Even if it saved a shot a tournament, they would do it. That's why everyone buys the green reading book every week... Having said that, I don't understand how anchoring the putter to your forearm is different than your stomach or sternum. Golf is silly.
  5. I'm in love with the M5 3 wood. It's so long that I shortened the shaft (playing at 42.5) and hotmelted the bejeezus out of it and now it feels like a 7 wood off of the deck.
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