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  1. US people are not interested in this? It was even in the MGS email after I posted it.
  2. Innocent people who were killed are a tragic victim of Gun culture, very sad, happens far too often (once is to much). Not like this in Finland etc who also have big gun culture.
  3. Bobby Jones was ridiculously amazing. Obviously, he was a phenomenal golfer, in 1930 winning the original Grand Slam of championships (US Open, British Open, US Amateur, and British Amateur) at the age of 28. After retiring, he co-founded Augusta National, The Masters, and earned degrees from Georgia Tech (Mechanical Engineering) and Harvard (English). Did I mention he was also an infantry captain on the shores of Normandy in WWII?
  4. This will draw viewers not old ballers. Way better swing than Wolf. Hey match them both up on the next Match Play tournament. https://www.instagram.com/p/55q2riigWk/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again
  5. https://www.totalprosports.com/2016/09/15/paige-spiranac-sexy-pre-shot-routine-video/
  6. Yes NFL has big audience but she has 3-4 million followers, most guys would rather watch a fox like Paige than an old deflated baller plus young woman like fashion so they would watch Paige. Can't be first and grow a sport with out trying new innovative thing, plus it needs to promote mens and womans golf together. Phil gets hardcore golfers and the older crowd, Paige the younger crowd. Poster girl next door.
  7. Nassau


    Which do you like better, creamy or vinager? I like the both. KFC makes good creamy peppery cole slaw.
  8. Nassau


    Try some of Danny's Sauce, Original, Garlic, Honey Mustard and Apple are my favourites.
  9. But Troy had so much Merit. He had rough go medical wise, was rooting for him. Plus he like / has old cars so Motown motor hero.
  10. She did and still could raise the profile of golf and expand its popularity, really like her trick shots and folksy personality. Top amateur in University but not so on the tour. I think it would bring in more men and women, make golf more current instead of dull and drab old fuddy duddys. Paige should be in the next Match set up instead of using NFLers (who cares about them), she would be great with Phil way more people would watch both men and women. Certainly bring in the younger crowd and more sponsors and fashion companies.
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