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  1. Got fit today. Max, Hazard smoke, stiff, 50g, 44.5". 10 yds longer and tighter dispersion than my current driver. Thanks John rahm and Callaway!
  2. Got my email and so did my buddies
  3. Paper entry, everything perfect following rules. Took it to the post office on the 14th to be sure I got a good in time stamp. 5 friends also entered and picked Rahm. Nobody I know has heard a word. G
  4. I've got nothing yet but the gal I spoke with said the no purchase necessary winner info was going to Callaway and it would be Monday before emails were sent out. Makes sense that Callaway would send those out as the drivers get fulfilled by Callawaygolf.com g
  5. The rules say "WINNERS WHO PARTICIPATED BY MAIL-IN ENTRY shall receive one (1) Callaway Epic Speed driver, Epic MAX driver, or Epic MAX LS driver of their choice, subject to availability; winner’s specifications not guaranteed. They also say "Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of comparable or greater value, at its sole discretion. All prize details are at Sponsor’s sole discretion." So they could decide to give you $530 worth of last year's XXXL shirts that are still in inventory....... All of why I only remain cautiously optimistic.....
  6. ok, got impatient and called again. call was answered on first ring and woman I spoke to said ~ 3000 entries (all hand validated) worth of info headed to Callaway today and winning notification email, requesting driver spec you want should be sent out no later than Monday. getting tantalizingly close. Still only cautiously optimistic.....
  7. She didn't confirm mine just that they were going through all the entries and that it was taking longer than expected and that the July 15 date would be moving out. Details to be communicated in the email you receive no later than the week of July 12. So still cautiously optimistic and trying to not get too excited that I've actually won a new driver.
  8. I called the 877-884-0048 customer service number just for giggles and after very little wait time spoke to a pleasant young lady. She said they've have about 3000 non purchase entry potential winners (picked Rahm) and are in the process of validating each person met the eligibility requirements of the contest. She also said they've received about 2500 calls. She noted the July 15 prize claim date is likely moving out slightly but they expect emails will go out week of July 12. So we're getting close but it looks like there's at least a couple more weeks of waiting to get confirmation of being a contest winner. g
  9. I'm cautiously optimistic I'll actually get a driver having selected Rahm via the no purchase entry. Trying not to get too excited because it seems like Callaway inserted a lot of wiggle room language info the contest rules. especially all the language about you sending it in didn't mean we got it. Still they had to know having a staffer whom was a distinct possibility and not following through would be horrible PR. Fingers crossed but I'll be reaching out to Callaway and links unlimited if I don't hear something by July 10. I know 5 guys that all entered and picked Rahm so have more than one data point about how well they fulfill their obligation. G
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