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  1. Yes and love them Just curious why they should give you a free dozen Some shops may sell sleeves, at least in my area they do.
  2. I've only found that in some brands, for example most brands I wear the same size whether it's street, golf or cycling. But Nike is always off for me so I just stick with the brands that I know will work. I do the same with clothing, some companies shirt sizes are way off compared to others so I just stick to certain brands.
  3. That is a good video! That's another reason why I still keep my mini-driver in the bag for many rounds, it is more reliable. There's a couple good videos about driver length (TXG in particular) everyone thing going to a shorter driver will cost them distance but in reality if they have a better strike pattern with a shorter club, then the shorter club will perform better. Also in the Golf Digest Tiger series, he says something to the effect of, if you can't consistently find the center of the face then you have no business swinging harder or with a longer club.
  4. Lessons Aiming Fitting In that order are things that has helped me and others. Lessons: Cause why not just fix the root cause of it all. Also one or a handful of lessons isn't going to fix it without proper practice and follow-up to properly cement that into your body and mind. Aiming: So many people refuse to aim more left and just play the slice. If you slice say 80-90% of the time then don't worry about that 1-2 times you actually go a little left. This is documented with Decade Golf and others, just friggin change your aim. One of my buddies never, and I mean never hits left with his driver yet refuses to aim to the left side of the fairway or left rough. Slices the damn ball every-single-f'ing-time into right rough or OB and says "why can't I just keep it in play" - we just stopped reminding him to aim left and just figure you can't fix stupid. We love the guy though Fitting: If lessons or aiming doesn't solve it all. then invest in a proper clubfitting and see what equipment changes you can make. The reason you do this last is most people will adapt to whatever club you had them. If you give them a driver with low loft and extra stiff shaft, they will eventually figure a way to get it to launch right, but mess up their swing for all their other clubs too. -- That being said, I played a mini-driver (2 wood) while I was taking lessons and practicing out my driver issues. Now that's it's mostly worked out, I still carry the mini-driver for some courses for a backup off the tee.
  5. Othe than Edel here's what a quick Google search turned up Tackimac Jumbomax Edel
  6. Now some forum golfers will say, "Oh yeah, I can totally tell the difference" but in my fitting experience most can't, not on 1-2 swings out on the course. Now take your average person, put them on a launch monitor and measure the average of 5-10 swings per club and yes then you'll feel and see measurable differences.
  7. Yes, Yes, and definitely YES! Flying home from Chicago this weekend, it came it very handy with the baggage claim office. Finally got my clubs an hour after I landed.
  8. There are several videos on YouTube about this exact thing and most show the aftermarket one performs slightly better BUT I will say more importantly is getting fit and then having that shop properly build the clubs to the exact total weight, swing weight, CPM or flex, weight sorted, etc. You could have the best fitting but a DIY or crappy club builder can mess it all up.
  9. Yes get fit, always and all the time. Think of it this way, you get a new car (or get into someone elses car) and you adjust the seats, mirrors and everything else right? When your body changes, you might adjust the lumber and other settings regularly, so why not with golf clubs? Not that this is you but it's odd to hear someone say, well I got fitted once 15 years ago so I'm good to go. Uh, why not make it a regular check up type thing.
  10. +1 for this setup. Been using a Clubglove and stiff arm for over 10 years. Remove club heads, pack a couple extra towels around irons and you should be all good
  11. My Club Glove bag has lasted almost 10 years now and been amazing.
  12. Yes. I switch between Stealth 7 wood and ZX driving iron depending on the course
  13. Same but it's the Mini Driver that saves me most of the time. The 4 Wood or Driving Iron is also a good fairway finder for me and the driver(s) are getting better as I go through lessons and fittings. I just started played again after stepping away for about 10 years, then having back surgery.
  14. He's got his own channel now https://www.youtube.com/c/mattbloisgolf/about https://www.instagram.com/matt__blois/
  15. Everardo

    Maxfli Tour

    Tone doesn't always convey, I wasn't trying to sound like a male Karen, LOL Yeah I was pretty surprised too. I ran through a lot of the MGS ball data trying to get to a short list of balls to test and the Maxfli stayed in the top 5 in all this. For the performance and price per ball is phenomenal!
  16. Everardo

    Maxfli Tour

    Dicks is the parent company https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/s/family-of-businesses "Headquartered in Pittsburgh, DICK'S also owns and operates Golf Galaxy, Field & Stream and Public Lands specialty stores, as well as GameChanger, a youth sports mobile app for scheduling, communications, live scorekeeping and video streaming......."
  17. Having tested the MIM Tour irons, these are the most similar in spec (offset, lofts, etc) - Approach is the strongest part of my game but there's certainly always room for improvement. I place a heavy emphasis on consistency of an iron head that leads to less flyers, greater control and improved dispersion patterns. Cobra has proven itself to be a category leader with innovative designs so I look forward to testing this model in particular. Everardo in Phoenix, AZ New Level 623-CB 11.3 Absolutely
  18. We got one of these, awesome so far in the Phoenix sun/heat https://a.co/d/2JXZuM6
  19. I've been using 623-CB's for a while now and they are sweet!
  20. Just noticed on my latest Trackman report, they renamed it "Consistency"
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