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  1. It'll probably stay put for now but eventually most companies want to merge systems, products, for sake of contracts and costs I think that just depends what ownership or say Ian has. My guess, Ian will have an opinion, but the decisions will be made higher up, just how corporate rolls and Ian isn't the boss anymore based on the size of the two companies.
  2. From the sounds of reports so far, looks like they will have to switch to Trackman
  3. For now. Every merger/buyout/partnership starts by saying this to save face/avoid or headache during the change. But when renewals for equipment and software are due, changes and linking systems are inevitable
  4. Currently playing 4° gaps (46, 50, 54, 58) but just cause I'm used to my wedge grid that Pelz taught but I'm seeing quite a bit of over lap so I may go back to 3 wedges and larger gaps. TXG had a nice little video about this. For me, the wedge grid is a smarter way to figure things on the course, especially with 3 wedges
  5. I used to be a club fitter and builder. I have 3 sets left (used to have more) but now working on getting this down to one set, so far the leading set is Driver: Srixon Z-RW 4 Wood: Titleist TS2 Hybrid: Tour Edge EXS 220 Irons: KZG Evolution Forged 5-G Wedges: Callaway MD5 54 & 58 Putter: Bettinardi SS-17 That's 6 brands with room for one more club still Others Driver: Callaway Epic Flash, PXG 0211 FW: Sonartec SS-07, Taylormade SIM Hybrid: Mizuno Fli-Hi, Callaway Apex Pro Irons: Srixon I-506, Mizuno HMB Wedges: Sonartec t35, Callaway PM Putters: Scotty JAT, Scotty/Mizuno M200, Bloodline RJ, Ping 1A, Scotty Newport 2, Scotty Detour,
  6. Fenix

    Matte vs Gloss

    @Riverboat @RickyBobby_PR @MiddlerLet's keep this on Matte vs Gloss
  7. Fenix

    Matte vs Gloss

    In the case of Maxfli Tour Matte White vs Gloss White, it'd be the same though. The thought came up when MGS promoted that special
  8. Here's another update, this time with the 7 irons but results have been very similar with 5-P. So as many of us answered, yes, old clubs can still compete just fine. Now since I'm not a robot, and recovering from back surgery, I've been testing all these irons together and separately for multiple sessions over the past couple weeks. Somedays I'm better than others but this snap shot is an average of the last 10 shots. All the lofts and lie angles were adjusted to match. The same ball and launch monitor were used. KZG and Srixon both have RP Project X shaft, the Mizuno's have Oban shaft. Swing weights vary quite a bit, the Mizuno's are D0, Srixon's D4, and KZG's are D7 Club Ball Smash Launch Spin Height Carry Total KZG Evolution (2004) 81.9 117.3 1.43 21.4 5865 99.4 170 180 Mizuno HMB (2020) 84.0 116.0 1.38 20.4 6782 95.7 166 176 Srixon I-506 (2006) 86.0 115.5 1.34 20.7 6917 97.8 165 174
  9. Fenix

    Matte vs Gloss

    Is there really much a difference here? Plus or Minus to either one?
  10. I'm just getting back into the game and many years away and also just had back surgery, so really it's been the perfect opportunity to re-learn the swing and do things better this go round. My motto has been Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. I practice with may more intention now. Each little practice session is trying to achieve one goal, like moving my hips, transferring weight, correct tee height, dialing in wedge distances, etc Here's my session where I'm just trying to work on getting my arms out of the way and extended through impact. Just one thing at a time helps me vs trying to fix 15 things at once. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXMy823P3Aj/ 211207-everardo-7iron-slomo.mp4
  11. Thankfully I don't worry about the winter months here, we play year round
  12. I'm down to 3 sets of clubs (from like 10-12 when I was fitting/building regularly) so now my quest is to get it down to one set. Kinda for that reason, they all just feel a little different and hopefully someone they can bring joy to someone else
  13. LOVE THEM! They hold up great, I've only replaced 1 over the years but I'm also good about taking care of my covers. This one is my Dachshund (which my pup was used as the model for it, so yeah I might be a little biased to this one
  14. Pretty much the same for me. One lesson solved this for me.
  15. I gamed the original Callaway C4 for a couple years, some hated the sound, didn't bother me and after fitting for it, performed well.
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