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  1. Hey Everyone, I picked up golf just before Lockdown! Since then I've been having lessons and been fitted for clubs as well as gifted a few (lucky me). When it comes to my Irons, I have Wilson D7 5i - Sw with a Gw too. Max lost is 56. Should I have a 60 degree in the bag? Everyone keeps saying short game is king and I am trying to find a balance. Or tell me whats missing, if anything remembering I am a beginner. For info, in the bag currently I have: Mizuno STz driver - fitted Callaway Big Birtha 3 wood - gifted Wilson D7 irons with Pw,Gw & Sw - fitted as mentioned Ping Darby putter - gifted - Edel en route!!
  2. Hi dalejbrass, And that is pretty much what I did, I has a lesson with my pro and asked him to focus on my putting, been working with him for the best part of a year now. He madesure I had a good foundation (actually said I looked pretty natural at putting ) and then got fitted for the Edel which has been shipped today. The only thing I've seen since is the L.A.B putter... but I guess that is the golfer bug kicking in!!
  3. Hi Guys, I'm really interested in Edel putters and the science behind them looks amazing. However, I've only been playing since just before COVID. So I am worried that I'm probably going to develop my putting and therefore, the putter will become useless. Can anyone shed some light on this and tell me if it is worth it? I expect this to last me 5+ years, some people quoted as 10 plus. I really don't want to spend the money and it be useless in a year. Anyway, enough of my ramble and I look forward to seeing your replies.
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