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  1. I as well. To easy with the store so close.
  2. Don't want to thread jack with PXG shipping info, but they have it together when most others do not. I had a fitting at 3:30pm CST on 6-30. Ordered Gen3P's 5-GW with steelfibers and they showed up on 7-6. Less than a week!! Specs were spot on as the fist thing I did was toss them in the loft lie machine when I got them home. PXG did a great job with first impressions and the overall customer experience in my eye.
  3. I have settled on the Vice Pro. Price does not hurt either.
  4. I grew up in B/N. I was fortunate enough to know some members of Crestwicke and Bloomington CC and was able to play a few rounds on each. Crestwicke is my favorite track in the area.
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