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  1. I’m a big fan of the taylormade tour response balls. They are very soft around the greens while not giving up any noticeable distance off the tee
  2. I put the TM SIM 2 MAX 9 degree Driver into the bag last week, and let me tell you.. that thing is a weapon! The sound it makes with good contact parlayed with the speed it comes off the face with is noticeably better than the TS3 I was using before. Not knocking the TS3, I love that club but the SIM 2 just feels different. Highly reccomend
  3. This is awesome! I would love the opportunity to take a closer look at the measurables of my swing as a form of improvement. Good luck to everyone who signed up and !
  4. Definitely course management for me. The biggest change I’ve made recently is playing the par 5s smarter. I used to always want to rip a 3 wood from 280 out with the mindset that closer to the green is better. But after countless bogeys and worse, I realized that I’m much more inconsistent with the 3 wood. Then parlaying this with the fact that a 30-50 yd shot is much more demanding than a 80-120 shot (for me at least), I’ve now conditioned myself to keep the 3 wood in the bag unless im 230-240 out. This way if I stripe a 3 wood from 230, I have a chance at being on in 2, but if I can’t feasibly reach it definitely helps to me to just grab a 6 iron or so and give myself a full wedge from the short stuff. Few things worse to me than making a big number on a par 5 and this has definitely helped me.
  5. I also agree with larger grip suggestion. My brother in law recently taught me how to re-grip my clubs at home and I switched grip size from standard to standard +3 wraps of tape, which has my grips in between standard and mid and they feel real nice. This really helped me to figure out the grip size that felt best for me with out having to pick a general size at the golf shop. This article also helped me when I was picking new grips: https://southamptongolfclub.com/standard-vs-midsize-golf-grip/
  6. Hey everybody! I’m new to the forum but I can already tell this is my kind of site! Here’s my WITB: Driver: 9.5 Degree Titleist TS3 with a senior flex. I’m probably the only 26 yr old 7 handicapper who uses as senior flex shaft in their driver but the driver was given to me with the shaft already in it, and much to my surprise I hit it really good with a high draw . That being said, I’m going to keep hitting bombs until something changes 3 Wood: Exotics CBX 15 degree, regular shaft. Picked this up in the simulator about a year ago and man did that thing feel good. Bought it right on the spot. Love the club Hybrid: Cobra F Max 3H 19 degree, regular shaft. Very forgiving and feels super comfy on anything from a lay up on a par 5 to a 210 par 3 over water. Irons: 5-PW- I finally pulled the trigger on a new set of Taylormade Sim2 Max with regular steel shafts a few months ago. They feel like butter off the face and have good control especially for a game improvement iron. The lofts are a little jacked up compared to my old set, but who doesn’t want 10-15 extra yards on their irons?! Overall I would definitely recommend giving these a try Wedges- 56 degree Cleveland CG16. Been my weapon of choice around the greens for a while and can’t seem to get rid of it. Putter- Odyssey White Hot Blade Putter 34”. Had this putter for a while and lead to some nice days on the greens. Golf Ball- Love playing Prov1 but then again who doesn’t if you got a little extra coin laying around on your trip to the golf store. Just recently put the TM Tour response into play after hearing about it on the podcast I listen to and it felt really nice. Spun well around the greens and didn’t cost me any distance on longer shots. For $35 a dozen I might be playing this ball more often. Look forward to hearing some of yalls thoughts!
  7. Love it! Always makes watching a little more interesting
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap? I have been playing for about 13 years and my handicap is a 6.7. What do you love about golf? The thing I love most about golf is that no matter how much you practice you can always get better, so it provides you with a constant challenge. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I was told about MyGolfSpy from another spy and it really peaked my interest. I’ve always enjoyed learning more about different equipment and understanding the pros and cons of the equipment in your bag! Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from South Florida and my home course is Deer Creek Golf Club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is definitely being able to play golf year round. Worst thing os probably how hot it gets in the summer. What do you do for a living? I’m a Project Manager for a small construction company. Look forward to staying posted with the latest and greatest in the golf world and being involved in whatever way I can!
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