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  1. I enjoy looking ad data and analyzing my game. I enjoy the analysis of my game and the game in general quite a bit. The first thing I did after looking at the data was schedule a virtual golf fitting with Titleist. My typical gamer ball is the Kirkland signature and callaway hex tour. This is due to price because I’m a 20+ hcp, and I lose about a sleeve per round. However, I have played with TP5s and ProV1s before that I’ve gotten as gifts from family. I will say that I tend to play more conservative and score slightly better when using premium balls. I attribute that to loss aversion because that stops me from trying to carry 200yds+ of water with my 5w. The data showed how spinny the Kirkland balls are, and I had already noticed that when I took a sleeve of them to a PGA SS. The backspin with my driver was 3500+. The courses where I live are pretty windy, and high spinny drives are not a good shot. I will use this data to select a ball with a with a penetrating flight and lower spin. Anyone else looking forward something similar that has some suggestions?
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