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  1. I mentioned the first time I went, but I wasn't as confident in my findings yet. Their response was that the machines are very accurate and they are correct. After going up there for 2 weeks, and having played a few live rounds now, I'm extremely confident that the data is wrong. I may approach them again, and ask for the rest of my membership to be refunded, I really don't want to keep going honestly. I don't feel like it's indoor swing syndrome. I'm a pretty good golfer, and I'm one who like to shape the ball both ways, at least in practice... and I know what it feels like to leave the club face open vs rotating it through at impact. Like I said, you could hold a gun to my head and tell me to play a left to right shape with my driver in real life and I would hit the biggest slice you've ever seen... but, if that same gun was held to my head at this facility with the same criteria, MAYBE I get a baby fade at best, maybe ^this example may make it seem like it's slightly off... it's WAY off, like real life fades are big draws at the trackman facility
  2. Yeah unfortunately there aren't any facilities that I know of in my area with a GC Quad setup. The only real indoor practice facility is the one I've mentioned with the Trackmans Even an outdoor place, if they had trackman or GCQ would be ideal... but I'm not aware of one
  3. Yeah any insight you could gather from them would be amazing... especially if its something small that needs to be tweaked in the physical setup of the device, the settings, etc. It's such a shame that it's not accurate, as of now, because I could really see myself getting to an extremely high level very quickly if the data was accurate... it's almost like cheating lol
  4. I'll add that I've seen a few other forum posts where guys have said that they noticed carry distances were off on an indoor trackman, as well as some spin rpm numbers... but I haven't seen anything mentioned on the face, path, and face-to-path numbers being wrong
  5. So there's a place I joined a few weeks ago that has 5 indoor trackman bays. I've been hitting balls up there like 3 times a week for 2 weeks. I thought I was getting some strange numbers and shot shape the first time I went. I was mad hooking EVERYTHING! And I'm a baby draw kinda player. I couldn't even get my driver to fade unless I really really really tried hard to leave the face way open. (I can play fades, and slice the hell out of it in on a real course pretty easily if I try to). The next few times I went, I basically started leaving the face way open at contact with all my clubs. And I got to where I was doing little baby draws, and even some straight right "falling right" baby fades when I wanted to. Well, the day came today when I finally was ready to take this to the course... I warmed up at the trackman place prior to my round and had everything dialed in SO GOOD! Little baby draws with EVERY club landing right down the middle of the virtual range... even driver, which usually, according to trackman, had gotten a little "hooky" the few sessions prior. So I go the the course... plan to play a baby draw with driver off the first tee, and it fade a little to the right. I thought maybe I just wasn't settled in yet. Next one slices. Next I try a few actual fades... big slices I literally shot 14 over on the front for a 48 (par is 34) BUT, on the back, I kinda just calibrated in to my current "on course" swing, and shot 2 over for a 39 (par is 37) for a total of 87. My point here is the DRASTIC differences in scores from using my "trackman calibration" in my mind and swing vs using my current on course calibration combined with my previous experience. So finally, my question lol: What is wrong with this trackman facility!?!?! I've hit on 3 or 4 different bays and all are the same type of results. I think maybe the way the have it aligned may be off, but even then, you would think the "club to path" number would be the same and the shape would be correct. Anybody have any idea what it could be??? Maybe the way I'm aligned to the machine (if they don't have it set up just right). I'm really disappointed, as I thought I was getting so good lol, but I feel like I'm all screwed up now. AND if I had access to accurate data, it could really take me to a new level
  6. Also, I've seen guys who have 2 "stock shots"... fade off the tee, draw with everything else... I went through a phase like that as well. Or do you think that everything should match across the board?
  7. Wow, I'm kinda shocked not even one person went with the "work the ball at will" answer lol I simply find it more fun to work it both ways. I think I'll mostly stick to my draw, but still work the cut enough in practice to use it for front right pins and left to right fairways Opening up another can of worms... Do you guys work on changing your height of your shots depending on the scenario... I'm anticipating the same "play a stock shot" answers, but I want to see what you guys think!
  8. Should I be switching my shot shape at will while I'm playing?? I like to work on both draws and cuts, including normal shots and tee shots when at the range... should I be using all kinds of shots around the course to suit the best way to approach the hole strategy wise (again, both tee shots, approach shots, whatever)? For example, back left pin is ripe for a draw (start it in the middle, work towards the hole, a little more roll out).. or front right with a cut (start it in the middle, work towards the hole, a little less roll out). Fairway example, hole is right to left, so play the draw And, you can dial in your distances using both shots.. need to take a little off, cut it a bit... need it to go a little further, big draw OR Should I be sticking to a "stock shot" that I use most of the time, and only use the other shot if absolutely necessary? I really don't see a lot of golfers playing both shots well, to be honest... but that doesn't mean I can't do it Just kinda lost for which strategy i should use... I usually shoot in the mid 80s btw
  9. I see what you're saying, but the more pressure you put on the V, the more the wrist cups. The flatter the wrist, the more pressure on the thumb. Does that make sense? Thanks, I'll check it out and send him a DM
  10. I appreciate the feedback, but it’s something being caused specifically from the way I’m swinging. Unfortunately a physician isn’t going to know anything about golf and the technique the swing requires. Was hoping someone else had this happen, and tweaked something in their swing to fix it
  11. So lately I've been getting a lot of pain under my thumb area of my left wrist when I bend my wrist in the "Radial Deviation" direction. In the top of my back swing, I've been working on a flat left wrist, but it seems that radial deviation is harder to get when keeping the left wrist flat... my thumb just gets in the way, and this is what's causing my pain. I can wrapt the thumb around the club on either side and it's MUCH better, but I don't think I can have control swinging that way, and I've never seen anyone wrap the thumb like that. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Could I just be trying to do too much Radial Deviation at the top of the swing? I'm not going past parallel to the ground with the shaft. Has anyone else had this issue? And what did you do to fix it? It has gotten so bad that I can't even play or go to the range more than once a week... or even less (sigh) Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
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