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  1. Haha
    Syks7 reacted to GolfSpy SAM in Jones X MyGolfSpy Trouper R Stand Bag   
    I'll add to the chorus of "these bags are legit awesome" - I've gotten compliments on the bag (not that THAT'S why you should order it, but...it sure doesn't hurt) on almost every round I've played with it so far.  The cooler pocket is incredible, the stitching is top-notch, and it fits easily and cleanly on my push cart.  It's so classy that I've started calling it San Diego.

  2. Love
    Syks7 reacted to GolfSpy BOS in Jones X MyGolfSpy Trouper R Stand Bag   
    For all of you who sent me messages asking about a second round of order for Jones bags... the time is now!!
    PS:  The bag holds up well in rain and fits on my push cart too!
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