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    This little Par 3 course is located on the northern half of Los Angeles VA grounds on a little hillside overlooking much of West LA.  To be honest, when you pencil it out, there's nothing particularly special about this course, it's small, short,  okayish conditoning, and a quirky layout that will keep your head on a swivel to avoid errant shots.  The best description I can think of is that someone took a rolling hillside park, plunked 9 very tiny greens on it, and called it a day.  It's effectively a rolling hillside field that has 9 very tiny greens on it and only a few trees and it genuinely felt like you could turn a herd of sheep loose on it for maintenance and get similar results to what it is now. 
    All that said, I found it incredibly charming.  It's super low key, which in West LA is bizarre.  Like someone had some extra land, decided they wanted a back yard practice facility, and went out with a mower and a shovel.  The quirky layout takes full advantage of the topography and is more challenging than it looks.    It has great elevation change, a nice variation in length of holes 110 to 190, great views and I found myself thinking that if I had 7 acres of hillside, this might be exactly what I'd do with it.  I think this might be one of my regular practice stops in the future.
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