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  1. I played the Cut Blue for a couple years. Last year the covers on the Blues I ordered were getting shredded from my 8i , 9i, pw, gw.....Contacted the company and they suggested I go with the Cut Grey; and they replaced my entire order (3dz) with the Grey! Played them and still have a dozen or so left. Late last year I found Srixon Z stars at Wallyworld for $24.99 and bought a couple dozen each of the Z star and the XV. Played a sleeve of each, and still have the rest. I'll use them eventually... This year I purchased a 4dz box of Maxfli Tour (using a $20 off coupon), which ended up costing about the same price as the Cut Grey, which is ~$20. Still trying the Maxfli Tour, but I do like the Cut Grey, and the Grey are definitely more durable than the Blue for me. Will play out my supply of Srixon and Maxfli before I purchase any more and that might take me a couple years since I don't get out too often!
  2. I just caught this thread and thought to add my technique...fwiw. I will use any club from 7i to SW for chipping and pitching, depending on lie and how far I need to carry and factor in roll. PW rolls out about as far as it carries, 9i the ratio is about 1/3 carry, 2/3 roll. The longer clubs will roll out more with less carry. It all depends on the lie, what is between the ball and the green, and how far you need to carry, etc... I use a narrower stance and put my weight on my front foot to keep weight ahead of the ball and use a left hand dominant strike for 50 yards and in, with the thought of hitting the ball with the back of my left hand. I use a LW for when I get short-sided or when I am pitching onto a steep slope and need carry with little to no roll out, opening the face as needed. If I don't think left hand strike, my right hand takes over and I end up blading the ball because I didn't hold my wrist hinge... Weight forward has helped me make ball-first contact; I was terrible with wedges, hitting fat AND thin shots until I tried this. Now I'm much more consistent and confident with those shots 50 yards and in. I'm 68 now, retired, love the game, and still able to break 80 a couple times a year.
  3. Lol...my sentiments exactly! I checked out Edison a year or so ago. Very tempting and very interested but...$$$$$$. I'm retired and refuse to pay that much per club. Components from GolfWorks and then 2ndswing for used clubs are my first go-to's when I get the "new" club urge.
  4. I don't usually post stuff, but thought to share how I set up my bag with a push cart. My bag actually has a putter tube on the side and I love it; it keeps my putter handy and also out of the way. Used to have a carry bag with a putter slot at the top; it was an Ogio with the Woode style top. I liked how that kept the woods down one side of the bag and so I tried to duplicate that with this bag as well as I could. Very happy with my present bag set-up and have been playing with this arrangement for the last year. Top to bottom on the right is Driver, 3w, 21*H, 24*H, and 28*H. Irons are 6i - Gw, 54*w and 58*w.
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