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  1. Actually he does not play smart anymore just a bomber, no longer the Professor, actually he really only won a major other events not much difference, actually worse especially for bad scores whihc he gets a lot now, likely worse as he used to at least contend when he was more agile. He no longer thinks he just grips it and rips it.
  2. You could be right. Louie Oosthuizen definitely (won a major, he has a very long list of runner up for the Majors, fan favourite), Lee Westwood, Richard Bland (underdog favourite), Bryson is he acts like he used to before being bulked up Jock, i.e. the Professor and only hits driver when it is smart to do so, needs to be little wind for him to win), Brooks could do well if his head is in it and he is healthy, Dustin could do well, perhaps Sergio if he can keep his cool and Phil if he is not pestered by the media and fans.
  3. https://www.athalonz.com/pages/athalonz-technology
  4. Will a LIV golfer shoot a 54 and get the $54 million bonus as the LIV tour stated? Who might it be, my guess would be Bryson or Brooks.
  5. Have not seen either of them being interviewed on this yet nor are they in the LIV news section and not in the next LIV event.
  6. Ok here we go again, putting it in one place. Who will be the top 3 LIV golfers at The Open and where will they finish? Will Tiger beat Phil? Will Rory and Justin beat Brooks and Bryson? What will Tiger say about LIV and Phil?
  7. LIV only had 48 because they though it would be hard to convince PGAers to come over but now they are finding it is very easy, just write a very big cheque. Yes they will expand to 72 quickly and maybe more.
  8. That is my point lets stop bickering and get back to the battle of the golf legends superstars. LIV is alive and growing almost daily, we can't ignore it or hope it goes away because it will not, not as long as Saudi has a king, has oil and the internal combustion engine is king.
  9. Lets make this negative at least a fun positive as we have lost history and tradition with the split. LIV is here to stay so lets learn to live with LIV.
  10. We wont see the good old battles because LIV players are banned from PGA so lets talk about it at the majors where they at least can still face off agonist each other and lets see who the winners are and who we hope wins for fun.
  11. Please keep me in mind for this. I am sure TA and Ping would really like this as these clubs that were big advancements "Ping Eye 2 TA 845 and all the knock offs" created because of those two iconic brands real advancement, similar to creation of Big Bertha metal woods.
  12. Just imagine how much media attention will be on him at The Open because of his comeback after his crash, because he turned down perhaps a billion dollars to not join LIV, because it is the 150th, because he is Tiger, because he was Phil's biggest rival and now they are on opposite tours.
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