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  1. Thanks. It’s funny- I had a Ping G30 head on the shaft originally and switched it to a Sim Max- I weighed the heads and they were exactly the same. The G30 was at D1, the Sim Max is at D2 with the midsize grip. I guess the adapter on the Sim Max is heavier. Crazy.
  2. Quick question. If I’m at D2 with a midsize grip, if I switch to a regular (lighter grip) that should bring the weight down, or no. My brain hurts and I can’t remember.
  3. Well folks, you will benefit from my mistake. I was taking an adapter off an Evenflow Senio 40 gram shaft and a melted the tip. Doesn’t seem to be damaged an inch up so I tipped it an inch. I’ll report back what that does to our Otto Phlex journey. Maybe my anger/frustration with my impatience (not enough heat when I made the first twist) will turn into something great. We’ll see.
  4. The putter is no longer available. please close the topic
  5. One Odyssey 11 Two Ball Triple Track putter for sale. $230. I will send via usps priority and insured- unless you request another method. Buyer pays shipping. The putter is 34 inches long, 2 degrees flat and has a brand new Gravity Grip. I will include the stock here cover and a TT cover. When installing the gravity grip I removed the stock back weight and will include if you want to change the grip. The putter is in mint condition as you can see by the pictures. I would be interested in trades, but the item has to be in good shape. I’m most interested in driver heads (I want to build another Otto Phlex) or center shafted putters. Thanks
  6. 29 putts with the Midlock today using left hand low- that’s my second best putting round. It could have been better as I burned the edge on 2 putts from over 15 feet and one from over 30 feet.
  7. Seems to be working well for me and I putt cross handed. Jordan Spieth has quite the forward press with a left hand low grip. I think the Midlock isn’t exactly engineered for a conventional grip alone. (I say this because I just can’t hold a putter anymore with a conventional grip- I’ve been putting left hand low for so long).
  8. I actually bought a Midlock shaft for my ER2v 34 inch- I added 15 grams of tungsten powder to the Midlock shaft to bring it up to the 3 dot weight- I didn’t want a 3 dot head for when I play the regular shaft. It’s like two putters in one. Plus, I’m really shallow and love the look of the black head.
  9. I was very happy with my putting using my Midlock today after making a small adjustment to my set-up. I stood further away from the ball so that my left elbow was further away from my torso (I used to put with my elbows much closer to my torso- almost touching). The new set-up really frees up my swing and felt better with the forward press.
  10. Played a quick 7 holes on a rainy evening- very soft. I was able measure 5 drives and I averaged 258. I was putting it places that I do on good days when it’s dry and hot. In the cooler weather my irons were 10 yards shorter today for an additional reference. I really need to get on my friend’s Trackman so I can compare my Grafalloy Otto Flex to my Ventus. Oh, and I was 5/5 in fairways- even hit some extra drives - they all hit the fairway. I’ll get on the Trackman after I get the Low Spin head I ordered and really do some comparisons. I did hit one bomb that was hill assisted- it cancelled out the one I hit 228 uphill.
  11. I got a Midlock shaft for my Evnroll ER2v - I added tungsten powder down the shaft to bring the head weight up to 3 dots as is standard on the Midlock heads. I was wondering what things other Midlock users do that may be different than a standard putter. For one, I was wondering where people position their hands on the grip. I have been having success pacing my right hand (I putt cross handed) pretty high up on the grip- I like the feel of placing part of my hand on the white part. I also play the ball closer to my left foot, a little further forward than I normally play the ball with a standard putter. Lastly, I find that limiting my back swing does not result in a pull which would be my tendency with a standard putter- and it allows me to really control my swing path. So I was wondering what others have had success doing? Any thoughts?
  12. I have the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue (Senior Flex 45 inches) with my Ping 425 Max (swapped the 26 gram weight for a 20 gram) - the swing weight is D0.
  13. Finally got to try out my Otto Phlex. I have the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue (Senior Flex 45 inches) with my Ping 425 Max (swapped the 26 gram weight for a 20 gram) - the swing weight is D0. Today was in the 50’s and damp in NJ. The shaft I played all year was/is a Vents Blue 5S and my average with it is 270 (measured with my Garmin G80). I would say my average was around 270 despite the cooler weather (this was the 1st round I played that was cooler than the 70’s). I only hit 4/14 fairways, but did not hit anything near OB/woods- everything was playable, which is great since this course is very wooded and narrow in some spots. I hit one bomb that was on an uphill 400+ par 4- 260. That 260 yarder put me in a spot I’ve never been in on that hole. My miss was consistently left and the fact that I hit so few fairways cut down on my distance- hit a few real good ones that flew 240-245 but stayed in the rough- probably costing me 10-15 yards. The trajectory was a mix of high and mid boring shots, depending on tee height and where I put the weight. (I experimented with the neutral and draw settings most of the day) I really need to get on a launch monitor and compare it to my Ventus and play around with the loft as well. But I have to say I was shocked at the feel. When I first felt how loose it felt, I thought no way was I going to be able to swing this thing. As others have said, I am amazed how stable it feels in the downswing. I am also very impressed with how it limited my big misses. I will have to figure out the left miss, which isn’t hard when it’s one way. Thank this thread and especially @azstu324 for creating it so I could experience the Otto Phlex!
  14. No worries. You made it better with the ranges.
  15. What length are you playing your Otto Phlex? Fill out the poll. Find the main thread here to discuss the "Otto Phlex"
  16. Wondering what the consensus length might be for the OTTO PHLEX driver shaft. Comment on your set-up.
  17. Actually cancel the last sentence- I would not be able to say a 5 gram weight will get me to d1 because the balance fulcrum will change. I feel like a mad scientist.
  18. Ping G425 and the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue with an 8 gram counterweight plug and golf pride align grip. All of that puts me at D8. According to the calculator if I replace the standard 26 gram weight with a 6 gram weight, I’ll be at D0 Ping G425 and the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue with an 8 gram counterweight plug and golf pride align grip. All of that puts me at D8. According to the calculator if I replace the standard 26 gram weight with a 5 gram weight, I’ll be at D1
  19. Glad to hear you're having success because I’m in the process of setting the same combo up. Did you play the G425 with the standard back weight? Were you able to measure the swing weight? Any info would be helpful. I’m thinking of cutting mine down to 45, as I’ve always choked down on a 45 inch driver- I don’t think I would make solid contact at 46. Thanks
  20. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for the instructions!!!
  21. I just pulled the trigger on the Grafalloy Senior flex- I ordered it from Golf Galaxy with some coupons. I’ll be putting the Ping adapter on and cut it to 45 inches. I may just try and play the 425 max without the back weight. Or I may order a lighter weight to keep the MOI higher and use a counter weight. I’ll post my experiences once I assemble it. Is there a way to measure swing weight without a machine/mechanism designed for that purpose?
  22. It is odd that Motore and Evenflow aren’t on the list. I think I’m going to try the Grafalloy- thanks for pictures on the scale @azstu324. I’ll see if a butt weight will help get the 425 to D1- if not I can order a lighter head weight. thanks!
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