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  1. I got the bag yesterday. It is much better than the price suggests. It's a hybrid stand bag with full length 14 way dividers (that don't catch my grips so far, even my Superstroke Slim 3.0) that is made of what I think is basically waterproof materials and weighs only 4.4 lbs. Definitely worth a try for anyone looking for a new/additional bag, (especially considering Costco's return policy). I will definitely be keeping it as long as it holds up. It appears to be of good quality material, with good stitching and waterproof zippers around. It's marketed as "water resistant" but I bet its much closer to being waterproof than that. There are a couple of zippers that don't have a "garage" on them, and will likely leak some water in heavy rain, but other than that I bet this thing would withstand all but the heaviest downpours. Overall quality appears to be on par or better than previous Sun Mountain and Ogio bags I have owned. It feels like the material and stitching will last longer than those bags (which has always been my major gripe with them) but time will tell. It is definitely bigger than I thought, more of a hybrid bag, similar in size to my wife's Titleist Players 14 hybrid, but that turns out to be a positive for me. It's a really good size for someone looking for a bag to use both walking and on a cart, although it may not have enough storage space for someone with lots of stuff. It's pockets are a bit harder to get into than my other bags, due to what I believe is less give in the zippered openings to spread them out as well as slightly less material for the pockets themselves than I would expect, (but that may be normal for more waterproof bags/materials; this my first bag that even remotely leans towards waterproof). Its also missing a couple of nice to haves like quick detach straps, a marker pocket, an open/easy grab water bottle pocket, a pocket with a magnet close (like on the Hoofer 14) and drains for the cooler pocket, but has all of the other features you would expect or need. For half the price of other similar bags, plus being close to waterproof this thing is a steal at this price.
  2. Update: I did pull the trigger on it. Will update again once I have it in hand. It shipped directly from Kansas City (not Washington like most Costco.com stuff so must be coming directly from the distributor) and should be here tomorrow.
  3. Anyone here any have experience with Big Max golf bags? Costco has the Dri Light Summit on their website for $140 and I was thinking about pulling the trigger, but I don't know much of anything about the brand, and there are no reviews of the Summit bag online that I can find. Price is right though. Seems as though Big Max is big in Europe and in trollys/push carts, but is just recently starting to move more into the US market. Dri Light Summit Golf Stand Bag | Costco
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